Lessons to be learned from NW

Lots of reasons why lackluster game development quality is bad for everyone involved.



Fascinating. Thanks, Zhalyd; I was only going to dip into it but ended up watching the whole thing. The reviewer is first-class.

It pinpoints two things, for me; the underestimation by designers and developers of the gamer-mindset, and the overestimation of the capabilities of designers and developers, by producers.

After that litany of misery, I feel quite positive about EVE!


Well, it sounds like the two biggest contributing factors were bugs (which were an order of magnitude worse than what we have here), and trying to shift a game designed with a focus on PvP away from PvP. Which meant that it had to survive on the strengths of it’s PvE, which was short and sucked balls.

Honestly, I think it provides a good cautionary tale, and flies in the face of everyone who says things like’ “ganking is ruining Eve,” and, “we should have separate PvE and PvP servers.”

Huh. I wonder if they can save things by fixing the worst bugs and launching a PvP server. Of course, they probably need to fix the client/server side issues, or people will keep finding new ways to abuse this vulnerability.

Also, stuff like this actually strengthens my appreciation for CCP. It goes to show how hard game development is, and makes me think that things would be much, much worse if CCP was truly as incompetent as people claim they are.

Speaking of which, how about their bug/exploit reporting system?

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Horse crap, building MMO’s to a beta male PVE blueprint will see it die in months after initial subscription uptake, just like CCP has witnessed every time it has nerfed pvp, yeah you get a quick uptick in $ revenue but the drop off is staggering.

There is a reason Kublai Khan did not just satisfy himself with the near infinite luxury of his pleasure city Xanadu which he could have bubbled up in but instead ventured into the cold reality of empire building. Well until he became despondent at the death of a close family member and then went back to Xanadu where he quickly became ill owing to luxury and died.

Building a Xanadu like MMO might seem appealing but it is not, your average CCP’r has the corporate memory of a goldfish and trends to this insect bulb every few years where those lead devs are quickly zapped.

The OP is wrong, the video’s are wrong and real life provides infinite context on why he is wrong in near every point.

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