A new Eve Online [Poll]

(78 Aster) #1

If Eve Online were made again who would want (of the major and/or original developers with publishers as source) to recreate the game…

  • 2K Games
  • Activision
  • Bandai Namco
  • Bethesda
  • BioWare
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bungie
  • CCP Games
  • Square Enix
  • Electronic Arts [EA]
  • Epic Games
  • Nintendo
  • Microsoft

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(JC Mieyli) #2

ea because then they can make it about star wars ;D

(FlipMoe Squad) #3

Besthesda seems to continually come out with quality games with much replayability.

(78 Aster) #4

57% for CCP? I didn’t think they’d get so much after all that’s happened

(Specia1 K) #5

CD Projekt Red

(Sonya Corvinus) #6

They kept an MMO being one of the top rated MMOs for 14 years. What else happened?

(78 Aster) #7

They abandoned projects multiple, ditched a full community based environment for a corporate-commune hybrid like… most MMOs, Split their thin resources to 2 VR titles knowing the market was unstable… etc…

I looked for more of a fresh perspective, like, open source or something so the world could be a dev team but I’d settle for a strong backbone that other companies like Bethesda have (and not off putting of modding [visual mostly] :slight_smile:)

I never knew it was top rated until now

(Zhilia Mann) #8

Eve is not “most MMOs”. CCP gets that and doesn’t, or at least hasn’t so far, forced it into that mold. Believe it or not, lots of people prefer it that way; that’s why they play Eve.

CCP hasn’t been perfect over the years, but they’ve maintained an entirely unique game and resisted temptations to turn it into something else. Credit where credit’s due.

(FlipMoe Squad) #9

Whichever one made pokemon go wins …hands down.

(Scipio Artelius) #10

Riot Games.

Because we’d want as many EVE devs as possible working on the game…:joy:

OK. I jest. CCP of course.

(yellow parasol) #11

Any one of these companies targets whales, so assuming a fresh start like 15 years ago, the game would be taken offline within a month due to lack of participation.

(FlipMoe Squad) #12

Look at the competition and that will tell you why it is top mmo, it’s not really that vaunted of a trophy.

Changing vote to Nintendo.

(Remiel Pollard) #13

This poll is flawed.

There is no “none” option.

(Memphis Baas) #14

Bethesda has lots of bugs on release, that they don’t fix (players have to release unofficial patches), and the latest games have had ■■■■ interfaces (necessitating skyui).

Bioware was good pre-EA, but after EA purchased them, well, let’s put it this way, ME:A has tons of bugs and the facial animations are ■■■■, from what I’m hearing.

So these two were my top picks, but they kinda suck too, so “none” for me.

(FlipMoe Squad) #15

I love fallout 4 and skyrim by Bethesda. Fallout does seem to at least minimize if not crash if there’s lots going on and in vats for me for some reason.
I have a high end gaming comp with a Titanx so it bothers me a touch. I have turned down the settings a tad from ultra and I am running on a 4K screen so who knows. That has helped.
But both games are deep and have great replay ability especially with the dlc.
The graphics…stunning.

(78 Aster) #16

I guess CCP will enjoy seeing that they’re fan base/player base still loves them :slight_smile:

(Avaelica Kuershin) #17

Maybe we just don’t think many of the others would produce an EVE we’d want to play. (Honestly surprised Blizzard got that much support! :fearful: )

(StonerPhReaK) #18

Out of a handful of game companies I wouldn’t mind chilling with, CCP and Rockstar top the list. Just so happens they make great games too. And music videos.

(Draeman Hookah) #19

Happy to see most people understand that nobody but CCP/Bethesda/Blizzard would be able to recreate anything of this nature that could retain some semblance of its former self.

CCP is self explanatory.
Bethesda has always favored free-roaming exploration/do whatever you want. They also incorporate great stories.
Blizzard is the PVP king when it comes to online games…

I’ve just had an epiphany…Collaboration project!!!

(yellow parasol) #20

Current CCP isn’t the old CCP. The game, as it grew back in the 2000s, would die within a short amount of time with the current player base. Back then playing was actual effort and CCP now targets people who don’t like effort. People who like working and thinking usually don’t have such a loose wallet compared to those who seek instant gratification, arcade like playing and farming/hoarding.

It’s as if you people believed those players, who grew the game, were the same kind of players we have now. They weren’t. That’s why it was a niche game. Unlike now.