Why can CCP not design an enjoyable PVE experience?

What should be and could be an enjoyable experience for a lot of people especially new players, has been completely ruined by the implementation.

To sum it all up:





Why are people talking about this stuff and not about how awesome the gameplay in these new sites is?

There are bugs like the “repair gate” bug, that haven’t been fixed for a month now by the way.


because want to be victims … and they only can be if they say “the content i´m doing is terrible and only i´m affected”

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Because dev requires a lot of passes on the same thing, which looks like a waste of time from someone who is only interested in the appearance.
They want a living castle but only one pass. They get the stones arranges as a castle.

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Very Fair point.

Also very fair point.

I am an optimist eventually devs will give it another pass and things will get fixed.

The thing is, it does not need ONE pass.

It’s like you want to paint your walls. First you remove what was there, then you prepare the wall to be painted, you place a first layer (that stops water if you are outside), then several layers after the previous ones are dry.
And once the sun, or whatever, started crisping your pain, you can start again, or partially apply another layer after washing.

OR you can keep the previous layer and just paint a layer on top of it. “it’s cheaper with only one layer and faster too !” But the result is bad.

It’s not the devs who choose what they work on. it’s the team who has long-term target and may or may not allow a dev to work on spare hours on an already-done subject.
For the team, the notion of maintenance does not exist. It does not add value. It does not exist.


I know him, he is an elite player and he has my full support (and isk).

He found the way to enjoy his PVE, the EVE way.


I am shocked … SHOCKED that #CCPQualityCoding strikes again. Who could have possibly seen that coming? Who would have guessed that revealing all PVE activities in the Agency so that you can trawl the data and use it to your advantage in the EVE way would result in suboptimal experiences for other players? Absolutely shocking.

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Homefront Sites are the absolute best introduction to Eve a rookie can have.

They can quickly learn that a lot of players optimize for ISK/hr, such players don’t care about any imaginary „civilized conduct“, the rookies learn concepts like multiboxing, see players utilize „features“ for their advantage, and realize they get outperformed as an individual unless they group up and socialize.

Rather than hiding the ugly truth, it’s laid bare so that they can quickly know what kind of game they are getting into.


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