Let us change active hold when mining

when mining in a fleet, one may want to mine to fleet hold of a orca or rorqual if say, the hold is too small for them, so instead of dragging it every time, let us change the active hold. the active container may be any hold within the reach of the player, and it may be chosen as a right click and a “set as active mining hold” selection

That is a very nice QoL addition, but I fear it may too heavily encourage AFK play.

i mean your mining hold is the largest hold on the relevent ships so whenever u got more in your mining hold then just pack a different hold of your chosing and keep mining to your mining hold. imagine you’re filling up a kettle from the tap and every time u get a decent amount of water in it u fill up a glass from the kettle and then keep filling the kettle from the tap

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