Letter to CCP

You can, in fact, use CBT for a variety of applications, and not just mental health “disorders”.

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I have been reading your blog sometime now… very impressive … and you are pretty acknowledged… made me wonder about you…

But I don’t hate you. I read your original threads directed to your old corp and felt sympathy for you, at first. Maybe I’m trying to help, in my own way. You felt attacked by my post, by why? It was just a story.

Look, I get it. Feeling like strangers like me are threats, even when they make fun of you, is reasonable. Yeah, I’m not taking this as seriously as you, but I do wish to discuss the OP.

I’m tryna say that it’s not as big of a deal as you might be making it out to be. If you want to help the New Player Experience, you should go back to doing what you were doing before. All this forum posting seems like it’s not going very far towards the goal of helping anyone.

I might wish to help, if you ever decide to start your own corp with the purpose of helping newbros. I stay in Rookie Help chat when I am online. I enjoy it because it helped me when I was new. I wouldn’t have stayed without it. So if someone destroyed that, took it away from me, I would be just as mad as you.

Lies, nobody reads the tripe I write.

Currently, I do only help people I know and still in contact with me… And they do help me too …

This post is a “letter to CCP” And this LETTER IS FOR CCP
My primary is community… Because they do suffer with those mindless applications into game.
I am still part of the community .
But priority and main subject here is not me helping players… Subject is described at OP

Me helping new pilots comes to table often because even though i dont know many names here… I can sense some of those people might or might not be the pilots i grow into PVP over years… or people I have help… as well as I have cooperate with many good veterans and we cooperate and enjoy together in these activities… And most of of those people they grow so fast that they do help others and to me too… When alturism genuine it spreads…

there is several ways to help… I just step up and not only told "king is naked " But also I reason it with some facts…

Most of those things I strongly believe that many veterans have been already feeling as INTUITION… and thinking consciously. I just pan it on some facts which very solid well researched within the area.

Vets reflecting its bits and pieces in forums and in-game … but in this complex interconnectedness something always had been missing… or encountered and dismissed under the microscope…

I have just clarified it… And set it straight. CCP and GM s direct us to write here… so I did …

oook how about start with stopping calling it “shitty”

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yes I read your "sh…brillant .y "posts … inspiring…

And I am %100 sure you already grab and fully get what I say in the OP even i constrained a lot … And I am sure You have even some further evaluations…

And I am really sorry trying to keep the thread clean but failing time by time…
for people who interested blog is there:

i love it :heart:

No you didn’t. Nobody who ever enjoyed EvE lost. The good times had, the friends made…all the memories made on the EvE journey. Nobody can take away your journey.

“Some say it’s more the trip than the destination”
- Permaband


Who Dares - Wins.: mental health you have write part of this text also something like this in red donut too…

also I like tripe soup…
its very part of tradition in my country there is tripe soup shops close to the pubs and bars open untill morning…

Tripe soup is very good for drunk heads and it helps and shoots the stomache

Well, I do admire your boldness. I wouldn’t have stayed in the public spotlight this long. I also have to admire your dedication to altruism, which I don’t necessarily believe in. I’ll always admit I have more to learn and I appreciate your patience in continuing this discussion with me.

Now there is a missing bit of information I did not have to the story. I will have to believe you (in assuming you meant to type “threats”) and will cite those kinds of instances as to why I do not fully believe in altruism.

The situation is more complicated than my silly doctor/patient story illustrated, but that’s how it appeared to me every time I read this thread over the course of three days. Just some user with emotional turmoil going way overboard. It is hard to elucidate the point, even now as I try to re-read the OP, to find where the criticism ends and where the solutions begin.

CCP would, of course, wish for you to post this in an improper format on their forums instead of doing anything else with your time.

Phew. I know there’s an idiom for this, but it escapes me.

I will stay tuned for any more threads you post. I hope they will contain great news about the latest developments in your new endeavors to help improve the New Player Experience (or whatever your point was).

yes right word is “threat”
There is a reason you did not have the story. And i will be much appreciated if you remove that citat from your prior post… I have told you to fill the blanks a little bit to help you… Situation was even more severe than that …
If you don’t believe in Alturism… this may be because of there is no place in your heart and mind for it…

Narccicists doesn’ t trust people… .this im bringing as an example … not ad hominem … Because they dont resembe a genuine personality and everything around their personality made up to fit and cover their ego hurt …

Altruism May Be Universally and Uniquely Human
please start believing in alturism … Makes you one step away from maquaks and one step closer to human being


I have build some muscles in EVE over years… While people I have been trying to help shitting on me … blaming me by trying to scam them … i have been inviting the guy to hand out full ace fitted ships from venture to SOE epic arc exploration and everything with no return…
New player telling me that if he come to me i will blop him with capital ships… Im a piece of ■■■■ bla bla ( adress is Amarr 1.0 by the way ) lol… then i do explain why capitals cannot enter high sec… concord… sec status…
i had seen some people blocked me before i explain anything…

Because they heard in Rookie help chat that some players inviting them to low sec to kill ( they dont even know where low sec starts where it ends… )

People mostly attack me for one reason… They dont know what they dont know

What do you expect ? do you think you are the first one ?

Why do posts like these stay on thread? Where is @ISD_DORRIM_BARSTORLODE ?
Like the cops, never there when needed.


I was going to write another post, but I saw your edits and it reframed what I had to say about altruism. I had to remind myself that while I do enjoy disucssing that which I cannot know for sure, it really is just more of a waste of time. Unprovable facts are not facts at all, and I got a lotta theories.

I see what you’re saying. Paranoia isn’t always justified. I call it caution, you seem to want to call it narcissism, but at the end of the day, it’s our own selfish interpretations. I find the divide hard to break beyond blood and flesh. Otherwise, it’s just words for our own dramas to play out on top of.

many people already reported…

this is official description of why people spending their lifes “aimless” and running away from responsibilities and failing to make decisions and take steps to achieve them .

But just please keep the thread clean … and focus on OP… thats all

caution and narc . totally two different thing

Umm, either you are on some meta I’m failing to understand or you clearly did not get my reference. It should have been an obvious reference, I mean you brought up Jordan Peterson.

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