Level 4 Mining Mission Summary


(Guiliano Thellere) #141

Is there any specific reason why you’ve gone for Retriever over Mack for Not Gneiss at all?

(Akrotiri Dallocort) #142

Thanks for the write up Shriven. Very informative and well put together

(Albert Spear) #143

Thank you doing this, now if only CCP could double the number of missions or add some variety to the missions (e.g. sometimes there are rats, sometimes not).

(Mr Carbon) #144

Howdy . I have done tons of Level4 missions on alts in Hodrold and NM- (AND e02!). Here’s my additions.

  1. . In hisec: Doing missions with “big” ore requirements, that is, larger than 1 orehold, DON’T use a porpoise in hisec. Or a retriever. Use a procurer and do what I do.


Warp to the mission. Drop a mobile tractor. AB to the ore/Ice. Eject when you have eitehr 10k or 12k of ice and it will be tractored in.

When you do the next “batch” you will exhaust the ice. warp to station. Offload it, warp immediately out and pick up the MCT and the rest of the ice. Other than saving the slowboat to the ore that was “jetcanned”, you save the session change timer in station.

Ore: Do the same but eject when you feel like it. Then warp back with a miasmos. No need to “fit the miasmos for speed” or anything like that.

DO NOT DROP A MTU IN NULL. It will be scanned down if you have to leave.

I hate doing multiple trips back to teh station in null. Usually I just try to do the Ice missions with the small ore mission and maybe a gas mission.

Gas Missions: I hate them. I usually decline them. Can’t really AFK them.

Null has different LP rewards and the missions are slightly different. Not Gneiss at all is still the best. But as I write this, Thukker is 2600 isk/lp and ore is 4800. Almost double AND YOU GET ALMOST DOUBLE THE LP FOR THE MISSION TOO.

Hit a good bunch of “Not Gneiss” (Remember there are two L4 agents out there) and 120 mil / hour is EASY to hit.

Now there are costs as well. Getting stuff out there, getting LP rewards back, getting the redemption items out there, Getting loads of Kernite up there, (It’s not native), updating order prices (Some ore stuff is thinly traded), and of course, losses. But it’s worth it, IMHO. You’ll need a taxi interceptor at LEAST and keep an eye on Eve scout for close WH’s. (If one is 4-5 jumps away, better run a load of Kernite and stuff!)

IF you get some ore stolen, or more likely, get blown up, the ore resets at DT and you still have to “re mine” it all. That is, you have to remine it all out no matter how much you have in station. Having 1 million units of the ore in station doesn’t matter as the mission isn’t flagged until all the ore is mined out. So don’t do a lot of work 1/2 hour from downtime. I personally reset PI.

Don’t use barges or exhumers or porpoises in null. Just ventures and prospect and endurances. And no MCT’s.

Null gives hauler spawns in rats occassionally. Your miasmos will come in handy. BUT: NO STATION IN NM- has manufacturing! Or compression. I just sell it as the guys with the citadels may use it.

L1-3 missions for ORE in Null are barely worth more than L4 in hisec. Do them only to get standings.

Ore is on good terms with Gallente so you can do a bit of gallente missioning in hisec to get standings for ore.

Doing missions for ORE and THukker will slowly kill other standings but not too much. Amattar is the worst for thukker but it doesn’t go below -7 so 2 in diplo will help you there. Most of the others top out at -1 or -2. Even the combat storyline is against the angels or serpentis.

I have no experience doing l4 mining in null for the empires or pirates themselves. When I checked the LP of the empire factions it was 800 and the pirates were 2500. (Remember you get twice as much per mission tho).

Don’t fit shield extenders or shield extender rigs in null. Sig radius.

Make all gankers RED in local and overview. Although they usually sneak up on you in a cloaky ship.

E02 has a l4 thukker agent. About 60% of the isk/lp of Ore. it can be a hot system.

There are some courier storylines that are… interesting. One that is good requires you to bring something back. Literally in a shuttle. So you can accept it, TRY to fly out there… 4-5 jumps. If you get ganked the product is still in the far station. If not, well, you’ll probably make it back.

There is a courier mission that requires 4-5 trips. Forget it.

If someone starts a corp out in NM- give me a holler. I would love to go back.

There are no Ore Agents in high or low. THere seems to be one but he’s in space with no LP store, so you’ve got to haul the stuff back.

Lastly: The Double JumpClone method:

I used to have clones in NM- and Hodrold. Home station was NM-.

I started the day in NM-. If it was quiet, I mined. If not, I JC’ed to Hodrold and mined there till the timer expired. When the timer was up, I reinstalled the clone and Self destructed (No implants!) back to NM-. Still hot? JC to hodrold and mine in hisec for another day and wait for the timer. This means you are always mining in the “best system”.

I’m currently setting it up slightly differently, but you get the idea.

(Mr Carbon) #145

Furthermore, don’t get lazy and thing that “Oh, Thukker is always the best”.

Right now, Ore is 4800 isk/lp (With double the LP/mission because of null)

Thukker is 2700

Ducia Foundry is 2500 (Still have a highsec island however)

Minmatar mining is 3500!

(Anderson Geten) #146


do you know you can iterate over each L4 mining agent, get his corporation, get the isk/LP of the corporation, then get the system of the agent, get the reward mul of the agent, and thus know which agents are the most worth at any given time?

Don’t spill it though, it’s 1337 skills.

(Shriven Intaki) #147

Good stuff @Mr_Carbon appreciate you sharing your knowledge!