Level 4 missioning PVE

what ship and fit is the most efficient means of ratting nothing matters short of completing level 4s security missions as efficiently as possible.

i can fly caldari minmatar at level 5 have level 4 gallente and amarr bs. level 5 everything under that

Currently rattlesnakes are flavour of the month… To be honest whatever is best now will be nerfed into oblivion soon enough anyway so you’re better off flying something you’re comfortable in.

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Rattlesnakes, Machariels or any Marauder will clear L4’s very quickly.

Rattlesnake, Machariel or Barghest.

anyone have a good rattlesnake fit??

Have you tried here?

this all day: Blitz and Burner Guide v1.2.3

as for the rattlesnake, lol hell no

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