Level 4 missions alpha combo

Me and my wife returned to this game recently after few years. We are enjoying the alpha life and even back to clearing level 4 misdions now although very slowly.

We are struggling on what combo to use for faster clear. Currently, I’m in Raven and wife uses Dominix.
Unfortunately, drone aggro is terrible so my wife ends up micromanaging drones. She is not able to loot wrecks and salvage in time so we waste a lot of time. I think our combo ends up equally slow as soloing it.

Any suggestions? Alpha restrictions will be thete for now please.


Long range battleships aren’t going to work as well if you can’t use MJD or sentry drones. I was also thinking of Gila - the role bonus for drones gives them a phenomenal tank and more than enough dps to take down battleships.

You can also consider a battleship with short range weapons - perhaps a torpedo Raven plus a cruiser orbiting the battleship at high speed to kill small stuff. My brother and I have used this technique with a Machariel and a Wolf - worked surprisingly well.

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Honestly, I would say it boils down to what you like to fly. Fly what you like. Any combo will be fine and yours should work awesome.
In a sense the both of you are flying a Rattlesnake with two ships.

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primary the frigates, ones those are down, salvage drones can go out. I build all of my ship builds towards having nothing to do with drones for lvl 4s because I cant deploy them without every frigate going after the lights on launch anyways. so I do kite guns or just own with missiles, while drones clean.

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This makes sense. We are using long range battleships without sentry drones.

We need to have at least 1 ship to take out BS - maybe brawler fit and 1 to take out cruisers like gila.
Your torpedo raven + wolf sounds interesting although i dont like torpedo/rhml ravens. I have lost ravens like that.

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brawlers with low SP are a recipe for KMs.

If they are available for alphas (not sure), dual Barghest would wipe things out quickly.

I’d say it really depends on what you can fly. Double machs would probably be my pick, warp speed bonus is great. And I like gun ships. Super flexible ships with great damage.

The raven is a great all around option not a whole lot to say about that. It should pair with just about anything else just fine. A good mid-long range turret ship is a great pairing, ability to quickly eliminate small ships at range is great. Megathron or Hyperion would probably be quickest to get into from a domi, apoc/abaddon for amarr, or Maelstrom/Tempest for minny are all also usable. Then the Nightmare/mach are probably my 2 favorite pirate ships. Nightmare is a mid-long range monster vs pretty much everything but a few npc types, and if you are using it to clear the small stuff at range paired with something that can hit the resist hole on the big stuff it works well.

Mission domis largely rely on sentry drones, who cares about drone aggro when your drone’s have large hp and you can just scoop then redeploy. For now I’d suggest Fitting a bunch of gank on the raven and then fit the domi for support while you train into the next option.

Throw a target painter or two on the domi to let the raven fit missile guidance computers and apply max damage. I’d also have the raven assign drones to the domi and then have the domi launch it’s own light drones to screen frigs, and then launch med/heavy drones depending on what’s left. Light drones with a damage bonus and DDAs eat frigs alive so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about drone aggro.

Then in the high slots A cap transfer and shield transporter will let your raven get away with a gank fit. When the raven has aggro the domi can rep it and transfer over some cap so the raven can run it’s own tank, and when the domi has aggro shut it off and run it’s own tank. Could also fit a cap transfer on the raven to create a cap chain.

overall I wouldn’t worry much about loot/salvage, value isn’t really there, almost always better off doing another mission.

Long run having 2 people will end up being about solo speed as travel time becomes longer than combat time. If you can each solo missions you end up better off soloing your own.

Lastly with 2 players you should be able to run most of the burner missions with cheaper fits than the solo ones. I haven’t really done any 2 person theory crafting but an extra web and extra damage should make them much more approachable. And for the team burners one griffin + one dps ship should fly through them.


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