Levi Skins need love too

Detailed skins please! I’m actually asking you to make something so I can throw money at you! So many Caldari hulls, and many Minmatar as well, are just lacking horribly behind Amarr it’s not even funny.

The first one that even comes to mind is the newest Red Octopus skins that looked amazing. Imagine what this would have been like on a Levi, instead it only came out on a limited number of hulls. Then again, because of how skins currently look on the Levi it likely would have been entirely black with a little bit of red on those midsection connectors or w/e you want to call them.

I mean, come on, our best looking skin atm that isn’t just a complete recolor or slap int he face due to horrible the color placement is the glacial drift skin. Please throw us a bone!

On a side note, [capital] missile rebalance when?

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