How about some Ragnarok Skins?

Like the title says the ragnarok has not been getting ANY love like the avatar has and this year it was LEFT out of the Yoiul Star skins. It was the ONLY titan that did NOT get it. How about a minmitar police skin or something better then PURPLE and WHITE. 2 Colors… That Dev should be FIRED for that. Its 2 colors and its lazy as crap. How about you open a tool for players to submit skins to CCP so we the players can get what WE want and not what some lazy dev hates doing? The erebus got the police skin and the avatar has tons of GREAT skins and the levi NEED a Target paining buff like 500% or should have the ability to use GUNS.

But back to my 1st rant. We rag pilots want better skins that arnt 2 lazy colors. Make us a min police skin or something with BEAMS on it like the other 3 got.

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game skins


Erebus hits hard with 2 damg types and needs to be close and has crap tracking and itll suck Capacitor aswell as the avatar. The rag guns work. The arty is getting fixed and the autocannons are AMAZING and use zero cap and i can squeeze 60 MILLION out of the ehp. What part of the rag doesnt function? Is it because its been labled the Prius of titans and because you dont own it at lvl 5 so you dont know anybetter?

And also, yes. I want a game skin because THESE set of Dev’s are NOT making eve better for the players anymore. They SHADOW nerfed all minerals by 50% everywhere in eve 2 days ago. SO ya, i want my rag to look great.

I think there should be functionality of designing your own SKIN.

It has to pass threw ccp as we dont want dicks or tits on our ships skins but ya. At least let us try.

Agreed - they could do skins like they do corp logos now ? could be a way around the tits situation

However, there are more than a few of the aforementioned ruderies piloting those ships (and writing on these forums, come to think of it…)

There’s nothing better than purple, and the white is nice

Really? Do u know how many cuss words i see on the front page?

Yes purple is good but what I’d really like is black with a very dark trim

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Oh that would be nice

You want to have graphic team write code for game?

They are making skins anyway. Why don’t make ones that people will buy?

Ummm ok sure I said that, but did you know its a team effort making a game.


Bumping it. How about some fancy Rag skins? How about a Rust skin like the HEL got? Need some RAG love.

PINK and diamonds! Violet and gold! These are good also. :ok_hand:

But for the corp skins If I could make my own in game I would use black and blue like in corp logo.

Black being base, then some blue, rather thick stripe, also black trident in some exposed flat area on that blue stripe. :thinking:

I could have used Microsoft PAINT and made a better skin that that white and purple skin.

To hell with your titans, give T3, you know those ships used way more, some decent skins and ignore the cap pilots.

How about do self distruct ur t3 and lose some lvl 5’s. Cuz i got nerfed by 50% dps because of u crybabys. I cant even boson rat because of u babys. All i want is a cool skin.

Lol life must be so hard for you.

Think hard child. All you did was put skills in and wait 30 days for all 5s and run around with 30 of ur mates and be totally immune to losing ur ships cuz they are op. Look at me. Save isk for MONTHS. Rat non stop. FIND a hull, ship everything up to fit it. DEAL with campers, then once i have lvl 4 titan skill, i have to wait 84 MORE days to get it to lvl 5 AND get all the support skills for it like Dooms days AND fleet skills for jumping and gun skills to max. ALLL of that with NO injecting took YEARS. Then moron kids who CANT even save 10b isk CRY because they cant touch a titan and then BAM. 50% nerfs, no bos. Mineral devalued by bots making thhe titan worth 20b isk LESS. SO ya. It is hard because i did what ccp PUSHED for. They wanted capitals and then 1 day they said ‘we made a mistake, we were wrong’’ then nerfed us into the ground.