LF a² + b² = c² minded corporation

With the introduction of the ability to earn reputation with the two new factions, EDENCOM and Triglvians, I am hoping to get in on the action with some like minded dudes, dudettes, AI, and lizard overlords. As the fight develops across New Eden there looks to be a great opportunity to have some decent fun both in PvE and PvP.

I’m looking for a pro-Triglavian corporation to join. This would ideally include participating in High-Sec and Low-Sec conflicts against EDENCOM and their allies.

20+ Active members around USTZ
Fleet operations to include PvP and PvE
Voice communications - Discord, TS3, etc.

What I bring:
Multiple combat skilled characters :wink:

  • Shield / Armor
  • Logibro

PvP experience

  • Fleet / Small Gang

Willingness to participate in PvE, PvP, and capital warfare activities. I haven’t run missions, sites, or the like in many years; however I’m very interested to get back into it.

Thank you for your time

TL;DR Bump

So throughout the course of today’s Triglavian adventures the away team, Kybernauts, managed to wrestle away partial control of Raravoss sending the system into the first ever liminality event. It just so happened that escalating the system to that point affected the security status with Concord; resulting in the downgrade of the system rating from 0.6 to 0.3 Low-Sec.

Up until the security status reduction the pro-Triglavian public fleets roaming the system had been doing a great job and were conducting offensive logistic operations against EDENCOM’s targeted Triglavian sites; causing much frustration to various Pro-EDENCOM content creators. Unfortunately, once the switch flipped the situation became a little less clear. New sites spawned, empire dreadnoughts were destroyed, and blueprints for equipment associated with Triglavian dreadnoughts were obtained.

At some point throughout the second phase, corporations within TEST and INIT arrived and assisted the public fleet with their operations; however, as you might have surmised, it was more of a split effort with friendly fire incidents occurring throughout the system. There were also pilots aligned with EvE-Uni, Tuskers, Wangs, and other various PvP entities looking to get in on the action.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a corporation dedicated to experiencing this new content in an organized and thoughtful manner. Not discounting the efforts of the null blocks venturing into Low-Sec to play for a bit; however, I was a member of the public fleet which was very…“public”. Thank you to all the FCs, squad leaders, and members who worked together to get Raravoss to Escalating Liminality.

TL;DR Bump

“Listed as a Priority Target for EDENCOM”

For the meager price of .025 isk a day you too can provide meals to hungry Triglavian beam structures. Every hour that goes by a starving weird laser beam sits neglected at a nearby star waiting for a caring fleet of wealthy capsuleers to protect its small, inadequately defended, haulers.

Together, we can bring systems to Final Liminality and see that no weird triangle laser beam goes unprotected or hungry again.

TL;DR Bump

Today the Kybernauts managed to assist the Triglavians with reaching Second Liminality in Raravoss. This resulted in a system wide change in appearance to something more…triangle? Regardless, more sites have spawned and EDENCOM forces continue to battle against Triglavian fleets across the system. One of the newer locations is labeled as an " EDENCOM Field Base"

There are numerous EDENCOM forces here with more than a few Rakovene deposits.

There has been less capsuleer support for EDENCOM in Raravoss; however, the support that did show up today was fairly well organized and willing to engage Pro-Triglavian capsuleers on EDENCOM cyno beacons. NPSI fleets are common throughout the day with “Bloc” fleets showing up to either support a side in the conflict or just to harass their fellow capsuleers.

I may just have to form my own Pro-Triglavian corporation at this rate. Maybe I should wait to see if my new overlords are benevolent or if I’ll end up scanning jump gates for the “greater good” after the system is taken.

I am also looking for a Pro-Triglavian Corp. If anything pops up I’d like to join in as well. I play around 0400 most nights with weekends being more open. I love flying Triglavian ships and am trying to get in on some of the fleets.

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