LF Guys to mentor Asia to EU Tz

I’m looking to recruit a few guys in the Asia or EU timezone to mentor. I get alot of satisfaction from teaching guys to hunt, get their first kills and earn their first big amount of isk.

I do have criteria to avoid wasting my time so;

  • willing to be in comms most of the time
  • omega clones only
  • Asia to EU timezone only (08:00 to 18:00)
  • PvP orientated self goals

I’ll get you making isk to fund a pvp habit, you’ll lose alot of ships but you’ll learn from it and if things go well you’ll maybe find a group to call home in this game.

Interested, send me a mail in game or leave a comment and i’ll be in touch.


Still looking for some newbros to show the ropes.
Send me a mail in game

Recruitment for newbros or experienced dudes wanting a mentor is still open.

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