LF UK Indy Corp

got 3 chars,
122 mill sp, pure industry
100 ish mill all rounder
50 mill abyssal

LF a very casual, mature UK based corp, HS or LS or 0.0
very casual player due to time constraints but aim to be much more active relativley soon.

Hey, Mo

I think we got what you might be looking for. Check out our post. Itll give info on who and what we are about as well as how to get in touch with us.

We hope to hear from you soon!

  • JX

hey man, we are a nullsec indy/pvp corp looking for more members of both UK and US timezones. Our corp is based on the members where all members have a say in the future of the corp. come have a chat with us and see what you think.


Feel free to take a look at our homepage, maybe it can be something for you. :slight_smile:
If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord and poke us.
You can find us at The Nordic Associates [NARVI] [Test Wiki Please Ignore]

Best regards

Hey, we’d love to have you join us!

Small corp in a neutral nullsec alliance, mainly UK folk. The youngest of us 36 and life always comes before EVE.

Thx mate, where are you based, ideally looking for Guristas space

Where you based?


If you are looking for Guristas space, we live there if our corp can be something for you. I posted a link to our page yesterday :slight_smile:

UKCorp are recruiting. We are based in Delve, and are centred around industry / mining and obviously, pvp.

Look us up, and reach out if interested.

May I interest you in Fusion Enterprise Ltd.?
We are part of the Alliance Pandemic Horde with access to Guristas Space in Geminate.
We got our own Moons and Indy Park to take advantage of.
Take a look and come have a chat!

we need some indy for my alliance if you want a chat hop on our discord