LHTC - Caracal PvE & PvP

Ladies & Gentlemen

LHTC is recruiting, we have changed focus for a period of time and we are looking for Caracal pilots from the EU & US timezones.

If you’re a newbro alpha, highsec mission runner or highsec industry pilot looking to learn some PvE/PvP then come to our discord: https://discord.gg/DUg4P9J

So why the Caracal? Well the caracal is one of the best ships to fly right now for new and old pilots. It gives you a way to make a decent income in missions or abyssal sites. Yet you can also take the same ship out, with a different fit and enjoy yourselves roaming nullsec for fights in something cheap and replaceable.

We have alot of mentors willing to teach and you’ll be joining a bit of a family we have within our corp.

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