License Agreement Bug in Mac Client? Can't Access Singularity


I have a problem logging in to singularity. After I enter my username and password, a license agreement appears and instructs me to click “accept” to continue. Only problem is that there is no accept button and the agreement won’t let me scroll to the bottom.

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More details discovered. If you hold down the Tab key, while the EULA with no buttons is displayed, it will scroll down to the accept button, allowing you to continue to the username and password login screen. This screen is not sized properly and the bottom is cut off. Again, if you hold down the Tab key, it will scroll down so the login and login with another service buttons are visible. Clicking the Steam Icon, labeled login with another service does nothing. So, although this workaround may help the people unable to login with multiple accounts, it does not help all the people who are unable to login to singularity with Steam

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