Steam login to singularity

I noticed the other post describing the issues with singularity login is now gone, so I thought I should create a topic for the problem.

First things first. This is not a new account that was not included in the August mirror. I have been testing on singularity for a while now.

In the launcher, when I select the Singularity server, it displays an EULA acceptance screen. Sometimes the “Cancel” and “Accept” buttons are visible, sometimes they are not. When they are not visible, you can use the Tab key to change the selection, and it will eventually display the buttons. Once the EULA has been accepted, the launcher displays a mis-sized username and password login screen. Again, you have to use the Tab key to change the selection and reveal that at the bottom of the mis-sized window, there is a steam icon labeled “other sign in services” Clicking on this icon or hitting the Enter key when the icon is selected does nothing. However, if you middle mouse button click, or shift+enter when the icon is selected It will open a Steam login in a new window. Entering the Steam username and password in this window does appear to function, but it does not log me in to the server. I am left with a blank separate window, and am still unable to login.

Have you tried the latest version of the Launcher (build 2407 as of 14:25 GMT today)?

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It appears to be working!! WoooHooooooo!.. I apologize for my bad attitude… I really felt like the forums were being completely ignored there for a while. Thank you for getting this working again! V. 119352.2468 Steam. Beta Version.

My problem is the same todays than last days… impossible to conect to my account, black screen…

I am having issues with the launcher all I am seeing is the big launching gear and not popping up any of my accounts and I had used the test server man times. Has any one had this issue.

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