SISI log in broken 3rd day

0/10 Was able to log in before. why is there 200 players on sisi, but im the only one that cant login? Does CCP not like me?


You are not the only one… I can’t log in either… No dev response to my forum post :frowning:

CCp Support is no

Can you describe (in detail) what is happening?

In detail… My situation… Open Steam EVE launcher. Change to singularity server. Sometimes it will display the EULA with no cancel or accept buttons. Sometimes the EULA is displayed with the buttons. When this happens, if you click accept, a mis-sized login screen cut off on the bottom with the login button not actually displayed will appear. Since I use steam, I don’t have a username and password. Clearing, verifying, and deleting the cache has no effect. This effects both the beta and release versions of the launcher. I have been unable to login to singularity for days now. This is not a new account that was not included in the August mirror. I have been testing on singularity for a while. Multiple people have described this same problem, some are having an issue with steam, others are having the same issue trying to add multiple characters. The quality assurance team has not responded to any of the forum posts about this issue. If you need more detail @Major_Marshmellow let me know… I will gladly provide any details I may have missed…

I don’t use Steam. Does it give you a popout option? Could it be as simple as screen resolution?

Can you log into TQ?

The “accept terms of service” is missing the accept button for me. Resizing, scrolling to the bottom, restarting, and changing layouts have no impact.

@Major_Marshmellow… No pop out option. Screen resolution changes have no effect. I was able to discover that holding down the Tab key will reveal the hidden buttons. @Sir_SmashAlot this should let you log in. Although holding down tab does reveal a steam icon labeled sign in, the button does not work. If you middle click, or shift enter to open the link in a new window it does open a steam login window. However, logging in on that window has no effect on the launcher, and does not actually log you in to the server. This has been an issue for almost a week now, and no sign of the Quality Assurance Team, no DEV activity on ANY of the test server forums in over a week. Apparently just ignoring this problem is their solution…

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