Steam, unable to login to Singularity AGAIN

So, once again… I am getting the eternal loading gear with the launcher. Or an error saying the launcher could not verify my account (the Steam one, the regular one shows up in the launcher) if I bypass the launcher and log directly I can log in with my non-steam account. Since Steam uses a third party verification system, I can not bypass the launcher to log in with my Steam account.

I am tired of all the problems with Steam and am requesting a character transfer to a new Eve account at no charge.

The vast majority of the issues I have had with logging in only effect my Steam account.

Please fix this or provide info on how to get rid of Steam without having to pay an extortion fee to transfer my characters.

Thank you…


Same here. I get the perpetual spinning gear icon.


i just downloaded it from the eve website, works now (For now)

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