Life Improvements

(Wallstreet J0urnal) #1
  1. Escalation Notifications: Aura voice should notify pilots that an anomaly has been detected on long range scanners. Aura’s voice shouldn’t be just for NPE.

  2. Stargates are in need of rework visually. Ton of gameplay revolve around these objects in space.

  3. Escalations need rework and balance. They are currently broken.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2

I agree notification from Aura voice should be heard when an escalation is gained. Sometimes the action gets quite hectic and players have a tendency to just close out the message box without actually reading it.

Personally I think Stargates are fine just as they are, no need to add more visual polish to them. Now Sentry Guns at Stargates and Stations definitely need to be worked on, specifically buffing their DPS and target aggro memory. Meaning if you have a suspect or criminal flag, they attack every time you’re in range which resets your flag counter back to start.

Some expeditions definitely need to be reworked, such as ‘Jet Set Hooligans’ gained from Serpentis Watch site. That expedition is way overpowered in difficulty level when compared to the site where it originated. Not to mention adding expeditions for Angel Hideaway and Burrow Anomaly sites. Also the RNG % chance of getting an escalation for expedition needs to be increased.

(Andrew Indy) #3

They only just nerfed it.

If you want DEDs go scanning.

(DeMichael Crimson) #4

Don’t know how long you’ve been playing Eve but in the past +9 years that I’ve been playing this game, Angel Hideaway and Burrow as well as other Anomaly sites have never escalated to DED sites which was suppose to have been implemented back when CCP removed all of the static DED sites.

Also I was talking more about increasing the RNG % chance of getting escalation’s that continue to the next stage of expedition from unrated signature combat sites.

(Raudur Froskur) #5

Speaking of stargates, I would love to be able to opt-out of the camera movement/focus on the stargate when jumping. I play mostly at nights and this is just a bright-ass flash, which isn’t small on a 27" and it’s just annoying. Any support for this, fellow eggers?