Light rays pixelated bug?

Today i noticed that light rays in my game are very pixelated. Looking at sun makes the game look like with pixelated overlay or something. Although im not 100% sure, it seems to appeared just today.
Every setting is set to high. I tried various settings (changing separately and in combo) but nothing helped. I changed locations and verified files integrity but to no succes.
Maybe it’s just normal for the game engine and i just noticed. Are your rays pixelated aswell? Does anyone know a solution to make them smooth?
I have ryzen 3600x and rx 570 with latest drivers.

Post processing set to low removes light rays therefore, sort of removes problem

Two things are happening in your images one is serious compression, but the one you are referring to is not a bug I don’t think.
The “pixelation” you are seeing is actually normal, I think CCP thinks it looks cool, but don’t quote me on that, I have the same thing and have had on more than one computer.

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