Lightning strikes where?

Just wondering if anyone had started running the event sites and if they have recommendations on ship types and what to watch out for? I haven’t come across a site in LS yet and I’m assuming the null sites are all in syndicate, ore or mordus space based on the upwell comment. ( I haven’t confirmed the null theory except to say a lot of null space has nothing)

They ain’t spawning right, so don’t get your hopes up at the moment.


Has there been any other info released as to whether they are going to fix this issue?

It would also be great to find out what the upwell portion of the nullsec description means, preferably before I finish searching half of new edan

Keep looking buddy

according to dev on reddit it means zones of nullsec that are connected by lore with upwell, I don’t remember full list, but ORE space, mordu’s legion constellation and some other two.

I saw two last night, Aki and Heyd. BC/HAC should be considered. At least we killed one Gnosis, one Hurricane and one Deimos.

maybe you should have read the patchnote of the 15th of June?

" Patch Notes For 2020-06-15.01

Look for Upwell Covert Research Facilities on the anomaly scanner in low security space as well as areas of nullsec associated with Upwell member corporations (Syndicate, Outer Ring and the U-7RBK constellation in Pure Blind)."

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