A Minmatar miner with frigate
Alas was a serious bigot
He loathed the Caldari
Despised all Amari
And told the Galenti to frig-it

A capsuleer manning a Loki
Said ‘I feel terribly jokey’
He hid in moon goo
Jumped out to shout ‘BOO!’
Before hiding again being cloaky

Finnula was flying an Orca
And, lonely, on air was a talker
When a Porpoise flew in
And said, "You’re a doll, fin
And you’ve just attracted a stalker


The was a young Gallente called Bright
Who moved much faster than light
He went out one day
Went to warp in a casual way
And arrived back the previous night.




When Haiku thread?

Why not start one?

Haiku are really, really complicated
And do not allow for text that is less than truncated
As an art form I feel that their beauty is possibly exaggerated
And I’m rubbish at their creation so, I just end up feeling quite deflated.

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