[YC 126 NEWCWC] Luscious Limericks

A few little ditties from yours truly.

I know a Caldari pair,
Who’s secrets I like to share,
They’re cute as pie,
Their denial is a lie,
True love like this is rare.

I know a Federal man from Nadire,
Who’s morals were extremely clear,
The ladies love a tache,
He may turncoat in a flash,
But we love him, I swear I’m being sincere.

I know a Commander, his name rhymes with Lust,
Keeping this a secret, it feels so unjust,
A fling with the Wolf Lady,
Ho! don’t act so shady,
Oh you got me, he’s name is Drust!

I know a lady from Electric Mariachi,
Who is tired of the Trig’s and their number three,
You can hear her sigh,
As they paint the red sky,
And she probably wants to murder me!

I know a Spin Doctor from Amarr,
Often he shouts and claims something bizarre,
“The Throne is Vacant!”
He’s nutter that’s blatant,
And I hear he likes to eat Veldspar.

I also do requests, so please send any requests for future limericks about all your favourite eggers :wink:

As natural as they come,

Julian “Inspired” Flavours

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