Liminality Candidates?

Are these limited to systems with blue stars & G5 yallow stars?

I currently rent an office where I store a lot of ships/assets I might use in the future. Since CCP decided to get rid of asset safety in abandoned structures I realized I can’t trust them not to mess with the HS system that I’m currently using.

Yes, you can check the star types that can be flipped here


Can someone explain this to me please? What does flipping a star entail? Or mean? Maybe it’s my age but I don’t really understand.

FWIW, I decided to shift my stuff out of the system where the star is a G7… just in case.

If you are positive in standings with Edencom, an Edencom fortress system should be the safest place.

Basically, Triglavian conquest of the system. Its implications are not fully reflected nor revealed by CCP so far, but at the moment, it entails the loss of security status, massive Triglavian fleets roaming the system, and a star progressively turning blood red from transmutation. Trailers for Eclipse and Zenith had put out plenty of hints on the possible outcomes so far, but that’s about it, hints.

When G5, B0, A0, and O1 stars are invaded by the Triglavians, they enter something called “First Liminality” if the Triglavian Collextive reaches 100% influence. This drops the effective security status of the system.

If the Trigs reach 100% influence again, the system enters “Final Liminality” and the effective security status is permanently reduced to null-sec, e.g. Niarja.

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