Limited Omega subscription

I have a suggestion to provide a limited Omega subscription for players who have already 1 or more “Full” omega account.
So idea is as following:
Players owning omega account, can subscribe his/her alt accounts for reduced price, but those account wont gain any skill points past 5 million.
This would encourage alt account usage ingame.
To mitigate +50 single player rorqual fleets, this limited account could be limited up to 5 accounts (excluding main) per IP.

You can achieve this by just using the excess Omega alts as skillpoint farmers - the skillpoint sales pay for the plex to subscribe the account. The problem is already solved.


But what if I just use a VPN and change my IP?

I think that players just got used to this workaround. But in reality you are doing what you don’t like/want. While the end result is just to be able to play with multiple accounts.

Game could easily check if your alts are running from same IP address as your main (full omega). Problem solved.

… you don’t know what a VPN is, do you?

It lets you change your IP. I am still not getting why should it matter in my proposal context.

So how would the game know?

I made some research so essentially multiple players could join same VPN service and receive “shared” IP address.
Keeping that in mind the value limitation of not getting and additional skills points, should balance it out even players would want to exploit it.
It could be like middle option between ALPHA and OMEGA.
It is known that some players exploit VPN services to have multiple ALPHAS running, but that does not make it less great for the game.

You think players exploiting alphas is great for the game?

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The OPTION to play as alpha is a great thing.
Regarding exploiting, if players can use without getting caught they will do it till devs make it impossible or find effective way to find and punish mentioned players.

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