Linux launcher WineHQ Staging 3.14 / QTWebEngineProcess error

Hi all,

I’m using Xubuntu 18.04 x64 with WineHQ Staging 3.14.

Since the EVE Launcher was update to version 1376509 with Qt version 5.11.0 ; the launcher get QTWebEngineProcess.exe error, and i’m unable to play EVE as the launcher show nothing except the border of the windows.

i was keeping an old version of the EVE Launcher version 1225328 no information on Qt version (but maybe older) everything work like a charm as before.

So the new Qt version make trouble with the launcher and brake everything so i don’t know if it’s because of the Qt version in Xubuntu 18.04 ; for now the only way to play EVE is to don’t upgrade the launcher.

I’ve got an other computer with Xubuntu 16.04 and same problem since the launcher update.

any idea ? thx

Try using the Windows launcher to EVE.

Please see also other threads.

thx but already try same issue

The linux launcher version 1225328 uses Qt version 5.6.0.

well, fresh install of Xubuntu 18.04 x64 with WineHQ stable branche don’t change at all

With this little information can I not tell you what you might be doing wrong. Did you try a clean EVE installation, too, using only the Windows installer?

yes of course

Well problem solve, for those who wants to know how : follow the white rabbit :slight_smile:

1 : Fresh install of Xubuntu 18.04 x64
2 : Fresh install of WineHQ Staging Branche (3.14)
3 : Creation of a custom WINEPREFIX for EVE only (WINEPREFIX=~/.WINEVE WINEARCH=“win32” winecfg)
4 : Download & Install the EVE Client on you WINEPREFIX directory (in this case ./WiNEVE)
5 : Install & Config winetricks with core font (WINEPREFIX=~/.WINEVE WINEARCH=“win32” winetricks)
6 : Make a Launcher for EVE Online (sh -c “WINEPREFIX=~/.WINEVE wine $HOME’/.WINEVE/drive_c/EVE Online/Launcher/evelauncher.exe’”)
7 : ENJOY :wink:

Thx to everyone.


So I found that the primary issue for me was actually fonts. I ended up running winetricks allfonts which resolved the freeze on the gear screen.

I did all that you said but when I start the client, it comes up with the program error once the client launches and it tries to load. I have ubuntu 18.10

This is the Error

The error log shows a segmentation fault in the 32-bit code of xaudio2_7. So something with your audio setup is broken or you’ve run into a bug within WINE itself.

Did you install any audio software or libraries with winetricks or do you use any extra WINE patches or WINE Staging?

And how is your Linux audio set up? Anything unusual like an external USB audio system?

Its always the same, you have forgot to set Windows Version with winecfg. Should be set to ‘Windows XP’ to handle the sound crash with xaudio2_7.

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