Lip Shords [-LIPS] Wormholes? Noin Jow!

questions surface such as does wormholes have holes?

We enter wormholes! Come join us!

wormholes are still here? We are still recruiting for all time zones!

Oh we’re still looking for recruits in all TZ! Noin Jow!!!

noin jow! we’re still recruiting for all tz!

Still living in wormholes are you coming? recruiting all TZ!

Wormiest of wormholes anyone? still recruiting!

looks as though we still have openings, still recruiting all timezones!

we live in wormholes and are new player friendly did I mention that?

we’re still focusing on recruiting for all TZ’s!

new-player friendly! Looking for all TZ’s

Still looking for all TZ!

still have wormiest of wormholes and a recruitment

still looking to recruit for all TZ!

did i mention we also like blue loot?

Yup yup thats right we’re still here looking for all TZ!

mmm wormholes should we enter one? recruiting for all time zones!

Just like a wormhole this message updates and I’ll say, “We’re still recruiting all TZ’s”

If only i could make the wormhole sound? Ahh, well still recruiting for all timezones.

yup if your interested pop in to discord and @recruiter!