Lip Shords [-LIPS] Wormholes? Noin Jow!

Area of Operations: Wormhole Space
Minimum Skill Points Requirement: 2,542,069

Actively Seeking All experience levels and All Playstyles
Thought about wormhole life?
Making real isk and playing Eve in it’s most fair and interesting manner?
Want to learn to fully exploit bountiful W-space systems?
Already love W-space?

We offer:

★ A unique opportunity to influence and partake in the formative months of a new corporation with a real future.

★ The wormiest of wormholes (C4 + C3/C5 statics) with developed infrastructure.
★ PvE, PvP fleets + 24/7 Standing Fleet
★ Corporation PvP and Mining Ships provided or SRP’d
★ Robust Corporation Buyback programs
★ Teaching and training opportunities for all WH content (Exploration, Combat, Industry, PI, Mining, and more)
★ Robust Corporation Skill Plans and Fittings
★ Weekly Events
★ Upcoming Corporation focus on highly-skilled, well-executed PvP and Mercenary Ops

Corp required 3rd Party tools/interfaces - SeAT, Tripwire, Discord, Brain

Discord: Lip Shords

Still looking for all TZ

Did we mention we live in wormholes?

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there can be very large wormholes out there

wormholes anyone? Still looking for all TZ

fortunately, we still live in wormholes anyone interested?

anyone doing the event?

Have I mentioned we are new player friendly in wormholes? yeah we are!

Did I mention we are new player friendly?

Did I mention we are recruiting and live in wormholes?

we bump ships in wormholes…

we are still looking for all tz and we have the wormiest of wormholes.

we are accepting all wormholes and tz’s!

does wormholes have holes?

Big wormholes exist! still recruiting looking for all tz

Your discord link is broken.

Fixed thanks!

I’m in your Discord public chat.

We still live in a wormhole and find new wormholes? We are still recruiting!

still recruiting in all tz!

wormholes can make isk did i mention that?