List all systems within n gate jumps of specified system

Is there an existing API or database available where I can specify a system name or id (typically only in high or low sec) and get a list of all systems within n jumps of that system? For example, a list of all systems within 3 jumps of Haatomo. Preferably something that would honor the “shortest”, “secure”, or “insecure” routing option that exists in game. I only need it for regular gate-to-gate travel, not using jump drives.

I would like to be able to do this programmatically for a tool that I am working on.

The closest I could find is the range tool of Dotlan but that doesn’t support the routing option and requires manual work.

Just wondering if something like this already exists or if I would need to write/create my own?

Thank you

For “systems in n jumps range”, you can use SQL query on database dump.
Which is not trivial, but straightforward enough.

For security restrictions, you’d probably have to write code.

Not sure if you already figured it out, but I needed the same thing some time ago.
Basically what you do is, load the stargate ids of a system, load the stargate data for all the stargates to get the connected systems and then put that all in a recursive function to get all the connected Systems within a specific range.

I copied my code into a JSFiddle so you can try it. The output is in this case just an array of all connected system ids.

Edit: Forgot to add, that you can then use the evetech routes api to get the secure or fastest route to every one of the system ids in the result array

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