List of ships over 1b

Where can I find a list of ships worth more than 1 billion ISK?

You can use the ship tree. Essentially any ship from T2 battleships and up would be over 1B isk

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For some research, you can use this list here:

Some ships are extremely rare, and some are extremely expensive to build. But as prices are changeing, I’ve never seen a ship list by price.

Several elements go into determining the price of a ship - hull, fittings, character implants, drones, cargo, skins. Prices will fluctuate based on supply and demand in the market. Value is more subjective - do you like the look of the ship? Does it do the job you bought it for well? Pyfa (PYFA - EVE University Wiki) will let you see the current market price of any ship in the game and experiment with fits.

Bear in mind that spending more doesn’t necessarily equate to a better ship. Fitting is a skill that will improve with practice!

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