How/where to order/buy/sell outfitted ships

You can buy and sell ships and ship equipment through the marketplace. Is there a public marketplace for ordering/selling outfitted ships?

The only ways to trade fitted ships are direct trade in a station and via contract.

But you can buy all parts (including ammo, cargo, and drones) of a simulated fit in the fitting window using the button “open multybuy” bottom right. Then you can click “fit ship” (bottom left) and you have a brand new fitted ship in your hangar.
Make sure to be in a trade hub where all parts are available and check prices in the multibuy window.

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Is there an outside source, like a well-known discord channel that offers this functionality?

You can look up item prices at various locations via websites like


Right. I use evemarketer a lot. But only for single item type buy/sell prices. Say I want to find out who is interested in buying a specifically equipped ship. How can I do that?

Do you have a specific fit that you’re looking for?

I’d say contracts, possibly strip the fittings and bundle them up into a contract and sell as a ‘kit’ maybe. Sate this in the contract info.

Very few people will buy an already fitted ship on contract. It is very situational. Unless you selling a rigged Bhaal with Tech II armor rigs for below normal market value.

The biggest market hub is jita. And people just buy and fit what they need there.

Generally, null-sec alliances do this by seeding doctrine ships in contracts. But you have to be in a nullsec alliance and sell the specific fits at their prices.

You mean like the sales ads section of the forums?

I buy lots of fitted ships on contract but only if they are at a discount. Basically a price where the rigs are free or less. This is because most fits on contract are either garbage or made for F1 monkey fleets and I have to almost always refit or rerig them. So unless your selling to a group that has known fits they desire contracts of fully fitted ships can be a roll of the dice.

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