Selling fitted ships

Just a newbie question:
Is it possible to sell fitted ships? I think it would be something that I really like to do; Design all different kind of ships, including fitting, for the many different purposes and gameplay and being able to sell it through the great supply and demand system of Eve.

Fitted ships can be sold through contracts.


Thanks for the quick answer. Is it a common thing to do? Then I should start to get more knowledge on contracts.

You can browse public contracts and see.

But to answer your question, yes and no. It is common to sell fitted ships on contracts but usually, these are doctrine ships for use with a specific group or community. It is less common, I think for people to buy and sell general purpose fit ships as people like to fit their own. Maybe it is a thing in places like near Faction Warfare systems where people need to reship quickly, but I don’t think PvE activities would have many buyers.

The other time people sell ships on contract is to avoid removing the rigs.


Maybe you can fit and sell gankalysts and other ganking ships at the trade hubs and between trade-hub choke points? If the price is reasonable and you let the locals know about their existence maybe they are gonna buy them. Just an idea.

Otherwise people fit and fine tune fits according to their own likenesses and current needs so not really seeing selling pre-fitted ships as a viable option. I myself was thinking about doing it early in my career and abandoned the idea for this very reason.

Still you might give a go to the ganking ship idea, maybe it leads to somewhere, and if not then not much investment and you can sell the stuff individually on the regular market so no big risk involved I think.

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I may add that a fitting depends on skills. Nearly every ship I receive from corpmates for joint actions I have to refit due to power, CPU or skill level issues. After some years of skilling that’s no problems any more, but in a Newbie area like Highsec this is a problem. E.g. fitting a newbie Frig is not as easy as you might think because you have to know what skills the newbro already has trained.


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