New player looking for game resources

Where can I find:

  1. The best site that describes items/ship & equipment
  2. best outfitting program for ship load out
  3. the best real-time trading app? I guess
1 Like, this is probably where you can find info on practically everything, although it can be difficult to navigate right away but you get you’ll get used to it., I forgot who sent me this link but it has market details (buy/sell orders/market history), I wouldn’t say in real time but it’s pretty quick.
I just use the app called EveDroid for fittings, and to see what’s happening with my market orders and skill training when I’m not in game.
I’m sure someone will come along and give you better advice on a site for fittings.

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No ones really made a good trading app, cause theres no way to alter or change market orders from outside the game.

You can, however, use Evanova, or Eve Droid, to track your sell orders/buy orders. You may have to manually refresh to see them, as they only get refreshed once every so often. But atleast you can track your progress.

There isnt really one out there thatll give you good fitting advice. That can only come form experience. Battleclinic used to have some, but i think it shut down.

If you ever have questions about fittings, join a good corp and ask your corpmates.

Incidentally, i can also help you with fitting advice if you ever want to mail me.

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Ever tryed PYFA?

  1. Rightclick will give you description of anything. Even easy to use comparison.
  2. PYFA is a fitting tool. It is it’s primary purpose.
  3. You see Jita prices of fitted modules right away.
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