Listening to people is an asymetrical bet

I dont know who needs to hear this but what does it cost you to listen? And what could you potentially get out of it?

It seems like it doesn’t cost anything to listen to someone, but the potential reward is unlimited. Its probably the biggest asymmetrical bet you can make.

Why is this relevant? Well i dont think anyone important at CCP is reading the forum, or discussions players have about EVE. I dont think they care. But i could be wrong. And could this post help bridge the gap? Or make things worse? You tell me :slight_smile:


You have a history of particularly goofy ideas that make it easy to gloss over them. Oh look Dreg came up with another bad suggestion or a rant about how nobody is making their bad suggestions a reality. Cant wait to see it all happen again tomorrow


I dont want to make this thread about me but im curious which idea you thought was particularly goofy and maybe we can compare it with CCPs latest idea of “Find the gates” the treasure hunt for 50B isk maybe

„Make bigger ships better than smaller ones“ was a particularly awful idea.


How so?

Go read that thread, people already explained how it’s an awful idea. Accept the asymmetric bet.


That wasnt very helpful

What do you expect me to do?

  • Copy and paste quotes from that thread
  • Retype what everyone already said in that thread
  • Use ChatGPT to summarize it for you

The answer to your „how so“ exists already, it’s in that thread, asking me of it here again is completely ridiculous.


You are asserting my idea is silly but wont explain why. Thats actually silly imo

Listening is fine - to a point.

Oversaturation of information, blended noise if there are too many things to listen to, and good old-fashioned propaganda and brainwashing.

Those are some of the costs.

–Gadget thanks you for asking

Because the idea is, to readers, a bright shining beacon illuminating the sheer lack of informed thought that went into forming the idea, assessing its impact, and the social/cultural cluelessness of how it’d be received by peers. It is detached in every way all the way from the game mechanics themselves to the players that inhabit the game.

That’s what makes it silly.

All this has already been said in that thread. You made me do bullet point #2. Do you realize how your social interactions impact those around you, or does me bringing up those 3 bullet points just woosh by your head on a topic about „asymmetric betting aka listening“?


Depending on who does the talking, it could cost me Time and /or my sanity and I need both to deal with real problems, not imagined ones by eccentric online players.

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sorry, must have dozed off


It’s a business model: He is waiting for people to pay him to shut up. :slight_smile:

No, you’re not wrong.

It’s been like that for quite a while, more so after implementing these Discord forums…

Listening is learning as we feel we need to learn lots.

Absolutely no one.

Your sanity, and time you’ll never get back.

Absolutely nothing, except, maybe a headache.

It’s another ubiquitous Dreg apc thread. Low effort, whiny, and chock full of bad ideas / advice and answers to questions he’s not willing to listen to.

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It costs time. And time is the most valuable resource.
It also costs attention. And your subconscious being filled with dumb ideas.
Both are shown in modern times to be devastatingly expensive. I mean just look at all these fools in society! Why, the potential negative consequences of my reading this thread on my life are unforeseeable and likely devastating! It’s over for me!!

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