Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Add hotkey for changing clones
Keyword: Clone, hotkey
Note: While in station: For example, you could bind clone 1 to CTRL+1 clone two: CTRL 2 and so forth. or ALT+1 or whatever the player prefer.

Suggestion: Add a button to delete all personal or corporation fittings
Keyword: Fittings
Note: Currently you have to manually expand the drop-down and right-click each fitting before you can delete them. A simple single button to delete all the fittings, all the fittings for a ship group or individual ship would save a lot of time!

Suggestion: All ammo types for Festival Launchers can be shot as far as your ship can lock

Keywords: ammunition, festival
Note: Useful for being able to fire festival shots (fireworks, snowballs, etc) from sniper ships that may be greater than 100km away from targets

I have festival launchers on several ships that operate at ranges north of 100km (max range of fireworks). It would be awesome if the range of ammo’s that can be used in festival launchers could be fired as far as your ship can lock instead. :heart:

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Suggestion: Broadcast buttons in the fleet window should be aligned vertically on a side instead of horizontally at the bottom.
Keywords: ui, fleet window, broadcast buttons
Notes: The Window is usually very wide, which means a lot of wasted space on the right side of the window in all parts of the UI. A horizontal button column on the side (left or right) would utilize the window space better, free up more row lines for broadcasts and allow for bigger buttons without reducing broadcast row lines. You could even color these buttons easier with the colors players set for the broadcasts to make then easier to recognize.
This vertical bar would add additional consistency in Photon since the People tab uses the same design for standing categories.


Suggestion: Fleet Commanders should be able to Shift+Select several people at once from chat and invite to fleet while already in a fleet.
Keywords: Fleet, Fleet invite,
Notes: Right now, you can only shift+select several people from chat and invite them all to a fleet if you’re not in a fleet with the option (form fleet with) It would make life a whole lot easier if you could invite several people at once while already being in a fleet.


Suggestion: Add split stack option when you right-click a stack of items.
Keywords: items, split stack,
Notes: If you have a stack of hundreds or thousands of items it takes a very long time to split that stack into a certain number of pieces. The split stack option would work by having a box popup after you’ve clicked split stack where you type in what quantity you’d like the stack split into.

Suggestion: Contracted single items should be viewed as a list so that they can be copied
Keywords: Contract, Items, listview, copy, paste
Note: Most players use evepraisal to check prices for items. If a contract has more than one item or if it’s a ‘wants to buy’ contract, you will get a list view and you can easily copy that list and paste it into evepraisal to check the price of all items.
However, if it is only a single item or a stack of the same item you can’t copy it which makes checking the prices very hard.

Example of how it looks now in normal want-to-sell/auction contracts (you’re not able to copy this):

Example of how it should look from a ‘want to buy’ contract where the line can be copied:


You can already split stack using shift key

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Suggestion: Ability to sort killrights
Keywords: ui, killrights
Note: It would be useful to sort them by date

Currently killrights seem to be sorted by some internal UID. It would be useful to sort them by date.

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You’re right, it is possible to drag X number of items from a stack but it’s not possible to actually split a stack of let’s say: 100 items into a 100 single items in one single action. In order to do that you have to shift drag 1+1+1+1 item from the 100 stack until it’s split which will take ages.


Suggestion: “X” or “Trash” button for skins
Keywords: skins, trash, clean
Note: has no impact on the game but helps cleaning up the skin lists of unwanted accidentially activated skins

Since 2 years or so skins from events, from daily login, are not redeemd to a station hangar but activated automatically on a character. Also skins have been activated (by myself) just to see them in space but after deciding not to use them I cannot remove them again.
But does EVE not tell we player can invent ourselves ever again?
Please give a button, a function, that lets players trash unwanted skins - the same as a player can trash all and everything else even his chars or account, so why not skins?
It’s just a simple reingeneered function of activating a skin, maybe just a simple SQL statement for changing a boolean value from TRUE to FALSE or an integer value from 1 back to 0 or such, but I dont know.

(and thats only one ship … on one char which I would like to have cleaned)

Thanks for considering.
Tripple thanks for doing it.

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Suggestion: The option to automatically save the fleet advertisement state to a Fleet Setup.
Keywords: Fleet, Fleet ad, Fleet Setups
Notes: When I load a specific fleet setup, I also always start a fleet for my corp or my alliance or blues. Would save a number of clicks if the advertisement window would appear right away when I create the fleet with that setup and have all the settings adjusted accordingly.

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Instead of trashing (which isn’t ideal for a category that deals with real cash purchases), the character sheet already has a full list of skins, so add a “show/hide” toggle for each one. That way the complete list is always accessible via character sheet, but the fitting & preview windows will show a shortlist.

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Suggestion: when grouping guns from the alt f window please allow them to go to a predictable slot.

When setting up alts to undock it is quite annoying having to drag the grouped guns over to the spot that has my usual hotkey assigned once undocked.

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Suggestion: the ability to set a favorite skin or use a random one per hull that will serve as the default.

I fly only a couple of ships regularly - the ability to set a favorite moros or catalyst or omen skin that applies each time I undock in that hull would be ideal. Some are cool, but it’s not worth the effort of changing every death. Especially when multiboxing.


Suggestion: it would be nice to be able to repackage multiple damaged items without the intermediate step of repairing them, when the repair cost is set to 0 (or some threshold)


Display total SP of skills added to the Training Queue, that is also a live countdown, next to where it says Training Queue xx/150 (ex Training Queue 55/150 25,394,854).

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Suggestion: Auto Highlight of Compress Button

Keywords: ui, Mining
Note: Saves an extra click which can be annoying when running many accounts.

Currently when mining compressing ore takes 3 clicks. Right click → Compress → Compress. I think it would save a significant amount of time if the compress button in the overview was highlighted when the compress window was opened. Thus allowing for someone to simply hit the enter key. This would make the multiboxing experience easier when mining as now I would just have to do right click → compress → enter

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Suggestion: Distinguish standing colors&tag between friendly militia and The militia on overview.
Keywords: ui, overview, standings, color, Militia, FW, pvp
Note: very important but easy to change

This change can prevent easy&non-punishment bait and awoxing from FW, Which is encouraging unfair pvp officially, especially in the more-able-to-enlist future.

Suggestion: Keep keyboard capture during session changes
Keywords: chat, docking
Notes: previously, when you entered a session change that blacked out the screen, you could just keep typing in chat during the transition and your text would enter into the chat box. Now, with the new Photon UI (or just game changes?), the keyboard is de-captured at the start of the session change, so if I keep typing the client interprets this as keyboard commands, and no text is entered.

One of two things happens when the black screen ends: either the keyboard is re-captured by the chat box, in which case I get a string of text chopped out in the middle, or it stays de-captured and I start unintentionally entering keyboard commands to the client (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to close the Locations window because of this). Please fix.

Suggestion: fix Extraction Control Unit double-clicking
Keywords: PI, mouse, window spawning, industry
Notes: presently, when you double-click the Extraction Control Unit in the PI interface, one of at least four different things can result:

  1. the double-click is registered, spawning the extraction scheduler. This is the desired outcome 99% of the time, but is also the least likely result (this only happens about 10% of the time for me)
  2. the double-click is registered as a single click, spawning the ECU interface window. You now have to click on the icon for the extraction scheduler.
  3. the ECU interface window spawns on top of the ECU in between the first and second click, and you accidentally click a different icon on the ECU window. Close that one, and click the icon for extraction scheduling.
  4. The most annoying: the double-click does not hit the box for the ECU, and instead this registers as a double-click on the planet’s surface. For no reason that I can understand, this drags the entire planet around to center the window on the command center. Nobody ever needs this. I have been running PI for the last eight years. I have never once lost track of where my command center was when I needed to find it.

(also, not for nothing, there are still window-element overlaps in the extraction-scheduling window on Photon)

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