Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: Let us assign a default skin per ship
Keywords: Skins
Note: As title suggests, let us assign a default skin per ship so we always look the part when blowing up in space. More often than not we forget to go through all those extra clicks and as a result our explosions don’t look as cool as they could have been.

Also Karkur & Team, keep up the good work, we really appreciate what you are doing!

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Suggestion: Overviews need their own dedicated icon.
Keywords: UI, overview, icon, multiple overview
Notes: It is now more likely than ever before that people have overviews minimized. They use the same generic icon as scanners and other multi windows, which makes it hard to see what is what in the neocom.


Which icon is the overview here?


To ensure your suggestions arn’t missed, update them to match the formatting requested:

When we click on the fleet icon, could it default to join a fleet rather than form a fleet?
Unless one ship fleets becomes normal, most people will be joining a fleet rather than making a fleet.


Suggestion: Compact mode for “Log and Messages” window

Keywords: photon, ui, compact

Note: Currently compact mode does nothing for the “Log and Messages window”. I used to be able to fit 9 lines of logs on the screen and now only 7 because of the header being too high.
image image


Suggestion: allow the “simulate fit” context menu selection to appear for packaged ships.

Keywords: ui, simulate, fit
Note: The client currently requires a ship, in the inventory window, to be assembled in order to have “simulate fit” appear in the context menu.

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Ccp wont see this. Please see the OP for correct formatting

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Suggestion: The right click menu for the combat hud icon ships should have a new option “Select”.
Keywords: UI, combat hud icons
Notes: See here: grafik
I have locked this ship already but there are several Dire Pithi Invaders in that room. Without looking and scrolling through the overview, you cannot figure out which ship puts the ewar on you if there are several doing or attempting the same ewar against you (this is particularly bad with ECM as this icon appears regardless of successful or unsuccessful ECM against you, and thus can have lots of entries.)

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I believe if you ctrl+click it will select the correct one if it is locked already

IT does that but there are caveats:
If you have multiple Dire Pithis that web and don’t web you, you can’t tell which is which because the first layer list does not have icons or other identifiers. You have to check the overview for icons or know the names of the elite frigates that typically web.
When it comes to ECM, CTRL Click does not work at all. It tries to lock the listed targets but it can’t do that because I am jammed and the game apparently can’t select the ship that successfully applied ECM to my ship.

Ctrl + click is very helpful for me in PvP for defanging ECM. Whenever I see the ECM icon on my HUD I ctrl + click it to prelock every Griffin or EC-300 on the grid. Makes it much easier to clear EC-300 jams.

Let us change active hold when mining

when mining in a fleet, one may want to mine to fleet hold of a orca or rorqual if say, the hold is too small for them, so instead of dragging it every time, let us change the active hold. the active container may be any hold within the reach of the player, and it may be chosen as a right click and a “set as active mining hold” selection

Allow us to compress mined items immediately after miner cycle

after the miner cycles and if we are in range of a ship wit compressing enabled, allow us to auto compress ores. this might be enabled through the

No. Would just promote more mass-multiboxing and afk gameplay.

No. Same reason as above. I’d like to see less automatition, more rewarding active gameplay and less mass-multiboxing. Shipboard compression is a bad game mechanic already, reasons given many times over in the discussion topics when the mechanic was introduced. No need to make it even automatic.


Allow us to compress any ore, gas or moon goo in any structure with a reprocessing plant

I belive that we do not have to always have to wait for that orca player to come online just to ship my oversized load of gas that was harvested from the wh

Suggestion: configurable client profiles per client & launch group
Keywords: launcher, launch groups, client profile

Currently you have to select the client profile per client before you launch a launch group. It would be great if we could assign client profiles by launch group.

Example (after setting up the launch groups and associated client profiles):

  • Launch Group Alpha launches client 1 (profile B) & client 3 (profile B)
  • Launch Group Beta launches client 1 (profile A), client 2 (profile A) and client 3 (profile B)
  • Launch Group Gamma launches client 2 (profile C) & client 3 (profile A)

Suggestion: Enable warping to bookmarks via shortcuts and/or menu button
Keywords: ui, bookmarks, navigation

Make keyboard shortcuts work on the local bookmarks window instead of always having to right click->warp to, which can lose precious seconds in combat situations (a small “warp to” button like in the anomaly scanning window would also be great).


Suggestion: Displaying distance on selected bracket
Keywords: ui, brackets
Notes: This would make dropping perch bookmarks at an appropriate distance much easier

If I select a bookmark or anomaly/signature bracket in space, a tooltip showing distance displays as long as I’m hovering the cursor over it - please make the distance keep displaying after the bracket has been selected, without having to keep your cursor over it.

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Suggestion: Add Sort By Total QTY and estimated value to asset window
Keywords: sort, asset, window, quantity
Note: Useful for prioritizing pickup locations

In the personal asset window you can sort by name, number of jumps and number of items, but this is only the number of UNIQUE items, not the quantity of total items. Adding the QTY of total items option, and the estimated price option, will aid in deciding which stations to prioritize visiting to collect assets.

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