Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Suggestion: In market order tab, allow more than one order to be cancelled at a time please

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Suggestion: Sorting categories of skills alphabetically


Suggestion: Implement a bookmark "trash can"
Keywords: ui, bookmarks, restore
Note: Useful for restoring accidentally deleted bookmarks/locations

It would be quite useful to have a trash-can of sorts for bookmarks/locations that we delete (remove).

On numerous occasions over time (more often than I’d care to admit) I’ve deleted a bookmark/location only to realize soon afterwards that I still needed that bookmark, I deleted it too hastily, or it was the wrong one to delete.

This issue would be alleviated if there were a trash-can for bookmarks that we delete. It could automatically clear itself out over a set period of time (perhaps 30 days) or after a set limit of deleted bookmarks (perhaps 50 bookmarks).


Suggestion: Small “breadcrumb” trail of bookmark locations.
Keywords: ui, bookmarks, return
Note: Useful for returning to previous jump locations.

You know what’s frustrating? Leaving a location and then realizing, if not immediately, then a short time later that you’ve forgotten something at a location you’d just been at. Drones for instance. Salvage. Etc…

It would be really quite useful and helpful if there were a short breadcrumb trail of automatically created bookmark(s) which are put down at the location(s) you last warped away from. These could last only for your current session, until the next down time, a set number of days, or indefinitely.


Suggestion: Notification when mining with incorrect Mining Crystals
Keywords: ui, mining, mining crystals, notification feed
Note: Don’t mine for hours using wrong crystals installed.

It’s not that it happens often, but it’s happened enough to me (and i’m sure others) that it’s worth putting in as a Little Things suggestion. That is mining for hours with the wrong crystals installed for the ore you’re mining. Granted there are plenty of opportunities to notice this (the ever so subtle color difference of the crystals, reading the tool tip (assuming you click instead of using the keyboard and have tooltips turned on), realizing your yield is terrible, etc…

Nevertheless, this still happens to me, it would be really helpful if when we first shoot an asteroid with an incorrect mining crystal (the first cycle for each turret), we would receive a notification in the Notification tray that let’s us know if we are using an incorrect mining crystal for the ore we have targeted and are mining. The one thing I do check on a regular basis is when I see there is a new notification in the feed (except for the spammy one’s I’ve turned off). The most helpful notifications are the one’s you only see occasionally. ‘Hey dummy! You’re using the wrong mining crystals for that ore!’. :hushed:


Suggestion: Stack All (and other) buttons for inventory management, on inventory window
Keywords: ui, inventory, hanger, cargo hold, stack all, select all
Note: Easily accessible buttons for common inventory management tasks.

Would love to see buttons on the inventory windows themselves (there is space at the top or the bottom of these windows), which at the very least allow you to Stack All. Other right-click menu items for the inventory window might be appropriate to have buttons as well. For instance Select All, and Invert Selection. Maybe even include a button for Split Stack if you have a single stack of items selected.

And if you want to get even fancier, perhaps different buttons might appear depending on any individual item you have selected (these buttons corresponding to things you’d find on the right-click menu).


Suggestion: Timer on Cargo window indicating when we can next Jettison
Keywords: ui, cargo hold, jettison, timer
Note: It would be helpful to see when we can next jettison a cargo container.

As it stands we have to try to jettison a cargo container to see if the timer has expired and how long until the timer expires. (Which by-the-way, would be nice if it were shorter - perhaps with some sort of efficiency skill). In any event, it’s really quite frustrating to not be able to tell if the cargo jettison timer has expired or how long is left before it expires.


Suggestion: Chat window. Mark messages as Read causing older messages to 'grey out’
Keywords: ui, chat, messages, read, unread
Note: It’s nice that we have a long chat history to scroll back and see messages we missed, though it would be nicer if we can mark seen messages as read, so they grey out, and we can find our place when we next look at a chat window.

In chat windows, it’s great we can scroll back quite a ways to read chat messages we missed or that we need to reference again. However, if you’re reading through a lengthy active chat window it’s easy to lose your reference to where you last read the messages. You can ‘clear all content’ from a window to get rid of messages you’d already seen, however you may want to keep messages (until they finally scroll off) for short-term future reference.

So… ideally there should be an easier way to determine which messages you’ve already read, and which are new. If there were a button at the top of the chat windows that would allow you to ‘mark current messages read’, which would ‘grey out’ the text, it would be very helpful to finding where you last read. At the least the white text would become a shade of grey. Other text colors could remain the same or also go to a darker shade, but since the vast majority of the text will be white then just having that turn grey would make finding your place easier.

Alternatively you could try to automate this, but that could become complicated and might result in mistakenly marking chat lines as read, when the reader did not intend for them to be marked as read. Still if you think you can make that work with few hitches or glitches, then great!

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Hey all, thanks for all your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:
Just wanted to check in and saying I’m still keeping an eye on this thread even though I might not post a lot here (and sorry if what I choose to respond to seems weird, usually it’s just if I think the functionality that is being asked for already exists in some form and want you to be able to use it).
We actually have quite a few very exciting* changes from those threads nearly ready and are really looking forward to being able to deploy them to you, but there are a few things we need to take care of first so I hope you can stay patient :slight_smile:
Please feel free to keep the suggestions coming!

*well, at least I am super excited about them :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you add an icon to the chat windows, like on each player’s name, so we could more easily start private chats with them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh you :rofl:

Suggestion: Slide to chat or access relevant fuction (enhancement of chat icon button)
Keywords: UI/UX
Note: I don’t mind the chat bubble icon except for accidental clicks. ‘Slide to chat’ works with existing chat bubbles by left click+hold+swipe left (or right) to initiate private chat invite. User can go into advanced options to pick what left/right swiping opens beyond default settings.

Gotta slide into those DMs somehow.


Suggestion: Show total and available jump clones on Jump Clone tab of Character Sheet.
Keywords: ui, Character Sheet, Jump Clone tab,
Note: Also this could be displayed in the Clone Bay screen.

Actually where DO I see the total number of Jump Clones I have available to me? Let alone how many remaining available I have.

In any event, assuming that information is available somewhere, it would still be quite useful to see it on the Jump Clone tab of one’s Character sheet. As well as in the Clone Bay window. Something like “3 out of 5 jump clones available” or “3 remaining jump clones available.” Perhaps with a little Exclamation mark (Question mark?) notice that you can increase your jump clones via listed skills. For the newbs. :wink:

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Suggestion: Show expiration time on Jet-cans.
Keywords: ui, jet can, cargo container, timer
Note: Alternatively have canisters last at least until down time.

So when you jettison a cargo container, they expire after a certain period of time. In my experience this is pretty much always 2 hours. Although apparently there is some dispute over this if you are to read the forums (some saying it’s a variable amount of time). There have been claims regarding how to ‘refresh’ a container’s time out, but none of the recommendations (other than transferring into a new can, have worked to ‘refresh’ their timer). Two hours is actually quite short for many Eve gaming sessions, especially when mining.

In any event, it would be really quite useful if there were some way to see precisely what time a canister would go kaput and disappear along with whatever cargo it held. This could perhaps be visible when you hover over the canister or visible if you check the ‘info’ on it. Perhaps it simply becomes a part of the name.

Alternatively or additionally, this time-out being a mechanic that was put in ages ago (if not from their inception), perhaps it’s time to revisit whether they need to expire after 2 hours at all. Maybe they can expire after 4 hours, or 6, or 12, or not until down-time. I honestly don’t know what happens to jettisoned cargo containers after down-time. Are they still there if they hadn’t met their 2 hours expiration time?


Suggestion: Recent locations menu item in Right-click menu in space.
Keywords: ui, locations, warp to, right-click menu
Note: In the Right-click menu while in space, which shows locations you can interact with (warp to and dock being the most common), include a ‘Recent Locations’ menu item at the top, that contains say the last 5 or so most recent locations you used in that system.

Given that there tend to be, more often than not, just a handful of locations we may warp around to in any given system it would be super handy if those locations populated a ‘Recent Locations’ menu item in the Right-click menu while in space.

This menu item would include say 5 of the most recently utilized locations, listed from most recently used at the top to next most recently used, etc… These would change dynamically based on usage. So if you are primarily warping between two locations, those two locations would be regularly swapping between 1st and 2nd place in the ‘Recent Locations’ list. For a location to count as being used, so as to make the list, it might be only the most relevant actions you take with a location (so things like warp, align, dock, etc…, but not necessarily things like ‘Look at’).

Ideally this would be at the top, perhaps in its own section (separated by lines) under 'Show Solar System in Map browser" and above “Asteroid Belts”. It would be able to show standard locations in the solar system and your own bookmarks. The list would populate regardless of how you accessed the location (via right-click menu, radial menu, or Selected Item buttons).


Suggestion: Ability to set audible tone for incoming messages on select chat channels.
Keywords: ui, chat, chat channels, audio
Note: Let users set individual chat channels to provide an audible tone when there is an incoming message for that channel.

Have I gotten annoying yet with all these suggestions? :yum: Sorry, I’m an idea fountain. They come to mind as I’m playing though.

As for this idea, there are certain chat channels, including local when I’m not in say Jita, which I would like to be audibly notified when a message comes in. Despite the flashy tabs I miss incoming messages ALL the time, some times responding to a message over an hour later because I didn’t see it. Heck I have local as a separate window and I’ve missed countless o/ 's and o7 's from friendlies, failing to respond until long after they’ve left or assumed I was AFK or ignoring them. And of course missing messages that are more substantial than hello’s.

It would therefore be quite helpful if we could set individual channels to provide an audible tone when a message arrives. Any soft and generally inoffensive tone or ‘ding’ would suffice. Even better though would be if there were a selection of tones we could choose from and set different tones for different channels!

Ideally this would be something we can easily toggle on and off as desired, again on a per channel basis.

Another enhancement to this idea would be a per-system setting for Local chat. Or perhaps a way we can place certain systems on an ‘ignore’ list which would suppress the tone on the Local chat for those systems (we all know which systems that would be used for). Otherwise, if we do have the tone set for Local chat, we could always just manually toggle it off for systems where it would be annoying.


Suggestion: Add a pink skin to UI theme. ie 'Rosada theme’
Keywords: ui, theme, rosada
Note: UI color sliders were removed, and no means to set a pink theme any longer.

With the removal of the sliders for theme color, and the giving us the pre-designed themes, pink was a color left out. I’m not asking for a super-hot-pink-annoying-for-videos coloration, but something with a general pink/purple hue set, for which there’s already the Rosada class skins for ORE ships in game to use as a base point.


Suggestion: Selection of theme for Alpha, Customization of theme for Omega
Keywords: ui, theme, omega, alpha, slider
Note: QoL visual improvements, granting expected basic functions while keeping Omega status a fiscally sound alternative.

As of now, the way the themes work…

An Alpha clone is locked into a default theme.
An Omega clone can choose from a selection of predefined themes.
Anyone can correct for color vision. (Which is awesome, kudos to CCP)

This makes a great Omega a selling point, and more in line with the new business philosophy of ‘pay to skin’, which most gamers are in favor of, unlike ‘pay to win’. However, in the creation of this setup, sliders for customization to any color were removed. Rather than being a value add for Omega, they lost capabilities they had for a very long time.

To give back the former value added service, I posit a great method would be adding in ability to select theme from any friendly faction to Alpha accounts, or for less overhead, just giving them the entire theme selector. Then, to provide further value add for Omega, adding ability to not only select a theme, but then be given access to sliders to further customize it. For instance, much like adjusting the theme for the Windows Glass theme interface.


Suggestion: “Industry” tab on raction materials.
Keywords: ui, reactions, manufacturing
Note: Help smooth out the complexity and headaches of doing ractions a bit by making the info more easilly accessible.

In the same way ship/module items show their blueprints and required materials in an “Industry” tab, it would help a great deal to see the same on reaction materials; have them list the formula and the various components it requires. - Right now a lot of manual searching goes into dealing with reactions, this would save a lot of time on that.


Suggestion: Drone Window stays open while launching your only set of drones
Keywords: UI, combat
Notes: Currently when launching your only set of drones, single drone or multiple drones grouped together, the drone window will close because there are no drones in your ship and the drones are not yet in space. The drone window will then re-open when the drones are actually in space. This is annoying because of the flash of the drone window being distracting and the fact that a useful window disappears for no reason.


Suggestion: Hover cursor over NeoCom character portrait shows the name of your clone (if you’ve named it)
Keywords: UI, NeoCom, Character Icon, Clone name
Notes: Need a quick convenient way to see which clone we are inhabiting.

As far as I know there is no way to see the name of the clone you are in. You can name your clones from the Jump Clones tab of the Character sheet. You won’t however see the name of the clone you are in unless you jump into a different clone, at which point it will leave your current clone in station and you can see what its name is.

So that alone being an issue (the name of the clone you are currently in should be visible at least from the Jump Clones tab), it would still be even nicer to be able to quickly see which clone you are in by seeing the name you gave the clone when you hover your cursor over your character portrait on the Neocom.

And now that we can jump into clones within a station (without jumping to a new station) and have no cooldown, I find myself jumping in and out of individual station clones much more often, depending on what I’m doing. It’s not difficult to forget which clone you are in, and it would be super convienient to find that information out with a simple hover-over of your cursor on your character portrait.

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