[Live Stream] EVE History Talk: SirMolle, Seleene, author Andrew Groen


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EVE History:

SirMolle, the leader of Band of Brothers and Seleene of Mercenary Coalition, join “Empires of EVE” author Andrew Groen. We’ll go back in time and revisit 2003-2009, exploring EVE before there was sov, before stations, before capital ships. Watch these pillars of history talk about the game played at the highest levels. They pioneered the game’s awe inspiring reputation, preserved by Andrew in book and audio book form.

SirMolle, also known as Shrike was Jamyl Sarum’s champion in the first succession trials. The first wield a Titan without timidity, and first to die in one on the field. The Band of Brothers (BoB) name resonates to this day, echoing the rich past of breakthroughs and firsts.

Seleene led Mercenary Coalition to make their mark on EVE’s psyche early in EVE history. The talented player was plucked out by CCP to join the development team of Apocrypha (best expansion). Having seen all sides of EVE for over a decade, Seleene remains an active power broker to this day.

Andrew Groen singlehandedly raised nearly 100k to write the first ever book on player history, “Empires of EVE: A history of the great wars of EVe Online…” It took years to run down the details and narrate them into a story. He now gives lectures to filled halls, spreading the collective memory of early EVE players.

Talking In Stations Podcast:

When: Saturday, 15:00 UTC
Where: Imperium News twitch channel.
Podcast released a few hours later.

UPDATE: Tune in 1 hour early for a broadcast from “EMPIRES OF EVE” read by the author.

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This is going to be one of those shows that you will want to set your alarm clocks for!

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Can’t wait to listen to this!

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