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The fuel for your fantasy…

I love the betaanim CCP, when the internet was awesome.


I swear that image looks like Sir Molle, was he planted?

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Good times. Back then websites were actually usable. Without all this Javashit, this webfont crap, this ubiquitous tracking and this “oooh shineeey”.

■■■■■■■ ■■■■ web developers with their hipster mindsets.

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Hey! i make a good living of Javascript! :joy:

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I’m reading different articles and posts about deeds of Sir Molle and I’m very impressed about them. He’s a damn Dr. Evil in EVE. Looks like he’s very familiar with real military history, maybe it is his hobby. The operation of ‘Two citadels’ (I’m calling it formally) was spectacular, I just can’t call to mind where I read about this real event. Do defend an empty citadel vs outnumbered forces and next day April 1 tell a joke about it.

A fragment from article…

How EVE Online’s greatest military leader once fooled the entire galaxy

…Their 1000 ships seemed destined to crush the 300 Band of Brothers defenders, but SirMolle had a plan. There were two shipyards in this star system, and though RedSwarm Federation spies had figured out the Titan was being built in this star system, they didn’t know exactly which shipyard it would be in. One of these two was empty, and one building the Titan.
It was a huge risk that left the true shipyard—with its $6,000 Titan inside—completely undefended.
SirMolle took a chance. He ordered that the entire fleet’s defenses should set up around the vacant shipyard. Believing his enemies didn’t know which shipyard contained the under-construction Titan, he gambled that his enemies would logically attack into his defense. It was a huge risk that left the true shipyard—with its $6,000 Titan inside—completely undefended…

…The next morning, on April 1, 2007, SirMolle lied. He declared to the EVE Online community that the enemy forces had achieved victory and destroyed Band of Brothers’ in-build Titan in the attack. Many were so jubilant that the tyrant SirMolle had been humbled that they didn’t notice the date: April Fools’ Day…

Those events were far away from current ‘mafia tax counters’.

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I’m surprised that this post hasn’t attracted many posts… These forums really have took a hit since the change over.

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