Living Will,.who gets my Eve game?

Hey Gang,
The recent and sudden passing of Hateless really made me think about how fragile life is, and being 60 soon I added a line to my living Will to give my game to another player.My sister thought I was nuts when I told her about it,.Her response was “How important is this game?”
Well Sis,its that important,she thought I was nuts,.lol
just sharing


Only legitimate way to transfer an account is through the Character Bazaar, by paying CCP the transfer fee.

Not sure you’ll be able to set that up to occur after you go to the Great Proving Grounds in the sky.

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I may get in trouble for this,.
but is it against the rules to just give your account info to a player after you die ???
I thought that was OK by CCP ?,…I really don’t want to get anyone banned or such.

Your sister is right. :wink:

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It is against the rules of the EULA as written. I’ve quoted the entire section below from here:

…but the operative sentence is the first one “You are not permitted to transfer your Account to another person.”, though you may be able to contact CCP and see if they could accommodate your request to bestow your Eve property as part of your estate and have the transfer fees deducted from that estate. Who knows, maybe they’ll work with you to make it happen.


You are not permitted to transfer your Account to another person. If you wish to discontinue your Account please refer to section 5. of this EULA. You may transfer a character from your Account to another account, either belonging to you or another person. This transfer option is available from the EVE Online Account Management web site and is subject to fees and the following limitations: You may not offer to transfer characters except your own, or act as a “broker” or intermediary (for compensation or otherwise) for anyone wishing to transfer or obtain characters. The transferee will obtain all rights to your character in a single transaction, and you will retain absolutely no control or rights over the characters, items or attributes of that character. You may not transfer any characters whose attributes are, in whole or in part, developed, or which own items, objects or currency obtained or acquired, in violation of the EULA.Any character transfers or attempted transfers not in accordance with the foregoing terms is prohibited and void, and shall not be binding on CCP. A transfer or attempted transfer of a character is entirely at the risk of the parties to such transaction. CCP is not liable to any person (whether transferor, transferee or otherwise) for any acts, omissions, statements, representations, defaults or liabilities of the parties in connection with such a transaction.


Is it allowed? No.

Can you do it without them ever finding out (or caring if they did find out)? Yes. Leave your recovery e-mail information to the recipient, and tell them not to attach any new payment methods to the account for a few years, as well as to not tell anyone that they inherited the account.

There’s also the legitimate way of doing a character transfer, which could be accomplished by a family member if you leave them your login information and instructions on what to do.


thanks for sharing that,.
I did not know,well guess I need to do some research and scratch a line out in my Will.
guess I learned something new
thanks again

I would try asking. Transferring characters and their items is allowed, and really that’s what you want to do. The account which owns your character is associated with your personal identifying information and allowing someone to take ownership of such a thing can cause problems.

You might look into “Power of Attorney”, and see if granting someone Power of Attorney with regards to your Eve account can allow you to execute one or more character transfers from that account after your passing. I don’t see a reason CCP would not allow this, especially if you give them a heads up. Worst they could say is ‘no’.

Edit: I did some more research (because I can’t leave well enough alone), and it seems Power of Attorney expires on death at which point the court must appoint an executor of your estate (probably the one you name in your will, if you so specified) with similar powers, but your estate executor probably has the authority to execute these transfers for you if CCP allows an authorized agent to act on your behalf at all and if you’ve left explicit instructions to make those transfers in your will.

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I just don’t want to send Lawyers,Guns and Money

Passion for EvE runs deep. If sisters don’t understand or share that passion, that’s fine. Perhaps that’s even how balance is maintained on more than one front, lol.

Two remarks, or two cents:

One of the things that customer support comes across is people having given away their account to other people. Technically it’s against the EULA/ToS. But, as far as I have heard (and witnessed some of it), there is plenty of leniency and goodwill in those cases, especially if this transfer happened within the same family / household. In that light the response from @Destiny_Corrupted is far from wrong.

As players we don’t own anything in this game in a legal sense; in fact all we create is done with the help of copyrighted, maybe even patented elements in the intellectual property of CCP. That’s the significance of the EULA/ToS we accepted. In that light, an EvE account is not all that much different from say a contract with an energy company, and you wouldn’t put that into your will unless you have an EvE sense of humor of course.

But as CCP has acknowledged our passion for the game on multiple occasions, up to and including putting up a monument with our names and perpetuating our ingame cemetary at Molea and erecting a monument for our fallen, I’m sure it would appeal to their business sense as well that gaining a subscription with a beneficiary of a will is far more important than deleting a pile of virtual nothings from their servers following the EULA/ToS to the letter. The EULA/ToS wasn’t written with generations in mind, and a game’s longevity that is fast approaching legendary in the MMO world.

It’s definitely worth a brief discussion with them - perhaps via the CSM, which has at least one lawyer :grinning: who I won’t bother by doing a rain dance shouting Brisc, Brisc. Perhaps he will read this and respond.

(Moreover, let’s say you bought PLEX from CCP for cash, would that be part of your estate ? This could get interesting…)


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It’s probably worth at least having a discussion about.


Th executor of the will is responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out via an Estate and laws relating to the inheritance of property in an Estate.

The main problem is that since the Estate is used to manage your property after your death you need to own the things to be able to put them in the Estate in the first place. If you read the agreement with CCP, things you „own“ in Eve are not really owned by you but by CCP still. So they won’t go to the Estate and won’t be backed by law.

I don’t have concrete answers here but I doubt your wishes are enforceable without your executor doing some of the things mentioned above. Good luck figuring this out, you’d probably need an attorney if you want peace of mind.

Just write down your login/password under ur bed, they’ll find it when ur ded

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Shh! Thanks aiko. :roll_eyes: Now I need somewhere else to hide my master password hunter2.

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@Megazor the people stating above; all you really need to do is a simple information swap upon your passing is the best route. Technically CCP sure won’t care about it, since you can’t get paid by a dead man. They will preach the ToS but otherwise they will not bother with your heir.

Obviously in my opinion, your sister is probably not going to play your game. You would be better to pass it to someone you know who plays this game already. If you don’t have children, you could mentor a neighbor who plays, kind of like a Luke Skywalker / Obi-wan Kenobi relationship. Most people who don’t play the game, will fail to conceive of you dumping tons of money on this game. Thus they will not respect what it is you are giving them.

Remember the wisdom of Jean Rasczak, “Something given has no value.”.

The OP says they want to give their account to another player, and that his sister thinks he’s crazy. I think it’s likely he’s talking about two separate people there.


She would know and I agree with her.
Passing on a game account in a will… rof🤣lmfao
Now I can die knowing I would’ve heard absolutely everything there is to hear in this lifetime.

My brother died at the end of February, and he was an avid EVE player (industrialist).

I spoke to his son and he was fine with me taking over the account, but he had none of the login details.

I have contacted CCP, and they have asked for the email and the character names, (I have also offered the death certificate as evidence of his passing), so there must be a way of passing an account if the account holder is dead, otherwise why would they want that info?

I havent gotten around to answering them yet (probate, house sale, rehousing his kids etc), but given that they asked for details, means there must be a process, right?