Regarding the illegal transfer of roles, because the time is too long, GM can't give justice

Hello everyone! I am a player from China. I was in contact with EVE in 2012 and I was so interested in it that I spent a lot of money to buy a character. I left in 2013 because of work. EVE this game, in 2017 I found my character disappeared inexplicably, I used the Chinese complaint, so CPP can’t understand, so on September 9, 2018 I translated my complaint with translation software, October 2018 GM No. 2 told me that my role could not be reversed because of the long time of transfer. In the complaint, I used a lot of information to prove that the role was illegally transferred. I am the legal owner of this role, but the promise was No information, no one is punished, my role is lost forever, very sad, very angry, I don’t know how to express my appeal, I hope everyone can help, I can provide the illegal transfer of each role Class information. Let everyone help me, and I have a lot of opinions on the mechanism of CPP’s role transfer. Simply send a transfer email and don’t need to click to confirm. If you don’t find this email, the role is still transferred normally. Do you think this is reasonable?

If you need information, I will try my best to provide

Which server are you talking about? Tranquility or Serenity?

CCP can’t(?) help you with Serenity, which is the responsibility of NetEase (Chinese company that manages EVEonline in China) see this devblog, let me try to understand you (can be difficult due to translation-software never gets it 100% right);

  • 2012: you started playing EVE(?).
  • 2013: you stopped playing due to RL taking too much of your time.
  • 2017: you returned to EVE, only to find your character(s) transferred (disappeared)? and file a Support Ticket (to China branch I presume).
  • 2018: you use translation-software to translate you support ticket into English and file a (new) Support Ticket (using I assume).

GM response:
Transfer of character can not be reversed due to the time lapsed (up to 4 years) since the transfer.

This whole ordeal raises more questions than it actually answers;

  • Could it be that you yourself sold/transferred your character and just don’t remember doing so?
  • How was the character transferred? Payed by CreditCard or by PLEX?
  • How could you not know if you character is in process of being transferred?
    • from your information, once a transfer request is initiated, a confirmation email is send to the associated email for the account.
    • in order for anyone to transfer a character, they would need to hack both your EVE account and your associated email-account
  • Could you not have done something to secure your account (EVE and email) better?
    • one should never use the same password for everything.

Yes. I do.

You were hacked 5 years ago. Are you aware that even Rape has a statute of limitations of 5 years?

You filed a ticket in 2017, and didnt follow up for an entire year?

You werent aware that translation software existed, even back in 2017?

You acknolwedge that you received a transfer Email, and didnt respond?

There are so many things that are just completely your own fault, for me to think this is unreasonable.



I didn’t do any transfer of roles, and I didn’t sell them. Before I bought the characters, my friends helped me with translation. Basically, except for the simple EVE operation, I basically don’t know English. The CCP about how the role is transferred cannot give an answer. Is it cash or ISK, I don’t know, I want to know the transaction process, but GM refused my request for too long time, data storage and technical reasons, and I found out that my role disappeared in 2017, 2018 It’s perhaps ridiculous to find the email that transferred the character, but that’s the truth. The mail sent to me does not need me to click on the email to confirm, the role transfer is still normal. The content of the email is like this.
You have chosen to transfer the character XXXXX to the account named roxsky.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a petition to Customer Support.

If you have any questions, you may browse the EVE Knowledgebase or email and one of our customer support representatives will be happy to assist you. .

Why don’t I click to confirm? If I don’t see this email, it means that if someone guessed or cracked my account password and I didn’t see the email, the role transfer was still normal. I have also played other games, I think this transfer role mechanism itself is a problem.

I am complaining in Chinese. I thought that the CPP GM will also be Chinese, but it is counterproductive. There is no time limit for murder. No matter how long the time has passed, as long as the crime is punished. I was in AFK in 2013, and I did not notice the transfer of the mail in 2014-2016.

Thank you

No, you saw the email. You posted it here, which means you got the email.

If you didnt see it till last year, thats your fault. CCP clearly stated in the mail:

There is no confirmation, because CCP does not assume that you were hacked every time a character transfer occurs.

Why would you think that, and why take a year to follow up?

I speak japanese, but i dont petition in Japanese because i dont assume CCP speaks Japanese. Thats ridiculous. They are a Icelandic company. Is Iceland a part of china?

There is, when its done over the server and where digital information gets lost or overwritten.

No. We do not punish without evidence.

Things may be different in china. But here, we punish based on evidence. Not allegations.

Thats your fault.

Why didnt you notice the mail?

What for?

He is chinese.

I think Blag means “i totally agree, lets start a petition to get your character back, and i will personally call CCP head office to get this sorted out”.

Strange language indeed.

Oh you’re welcome then OP o/

I mean EVE in Europe.There is a problem with Google Translate, or there is a problem with my understanding.

I don’t know, support me.

I have evidence to prove it.

I have already said that I have been away from EVE for 3-4 years. I still don’t understand English. I don’t know if you don’t understand. When many games are to do important operations, you should determine the link or the verification code. Just like some games, you can use your mobile phone verification code to retrieve your password, or you can use the built-in link to determine whether to transfer. The official email does not need me to click, link, link, click, and confirm. do you understand? Don’t click on the confirmation, the behavior of the transfer character is still going on.

This is a loophole

European service EVE is an international server. Isn’t Chinese normal?What language does it mean that it does not represent which country he belongs to? Just as Japan uses Chinese, is Japan the Chinese? We will not talk about the language.

My question about this is that when all the problems are happening and coincidence, the official does not better protect my role. Maintain my rights.