[LOAH] C4 (C3-C4) WH corp is looking for members!

• No SP requirement

• Newbie friendly

• API, Discord & ability to use Pathfinder required

• Many ISK making opportunities

• Abundant PvP opportunities when situations arise

• Raitaru to fit industry needs

• 90% jita buy optional blue-loot buyback program

Legion of Anubis is looking to fill our ranks with individuals looking to thrive in WH space, whether you are a new or old player, if you like to mine, huff gas, clear sites, WH space has much to offer! The only requirement is when PvP situations arise, if you are available you are expected to attend to the best of your ability! PM Joey Aele ingame, or apply with your API key to the ingame corp Legion of Anubis, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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