Loan sub-forum for the market category; a few thanks and 1 criticism

As the subject says; can we please have a sub-forum for loan offers/requests in the market category? It’s rather annoying having to filter the loan pleas when looking for trade tips and general market dicussion.

Other feedback:

I’m pleased to see an exploration forum. Thanks!
The ‘tutorial’ I’ve just noticed to the left is useful, particularly the “Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud?”. Too many posts start with vague subjects.
The post preview to the right is brilliant, too!
I’m really happy to see BB code still works.

One criticism; The list of categories on the forum front page is pretty clustered. In the old forum the different areas of interest are separated nicely (communication, gameplay, market, etc). here they seems pretty mashed up. I guess it’s just a case of learning the new system, but still.