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Hi, I started playing this game about 5 years ago, but just got back into this game about a month ago. I wasn’t sure what to do but then I started market trading. I started with my charecter being worth in total 1.6bill, now I have 3 different charecter (2 newly made) and they are worth together about 6 bill. I started in ammo station trading and then moved on to bigger items. I just see some really good deal that would make a ton of money but do not have the liquid to do so. I’m looking for about a 5bill loan at 10% interest. So how do I do this exactly? Anything information on this would be greatly appreciated. P.S. This is my first post. Sorry if I’m doing it wrong.

Most loaners will require collateral to back up the loan, in case you cannot fulfill the payments. I haven’t seen too often Uncollateralized loans be given.

A 3rd party will hold on to the collateral during the loan time. After which, the 3rd party will either give the collateral back to you, if all payments are made on time, and in full, or to the person who issued the loan.

I guess I would need 5bill in assets to do that then?

Yes. It also depends on who will take up the loan.

Well shoot. I know I don’t have 5bill in assets and if I did, I would sell it being a market trader and all… aww well I guess I’ll just have to miss out on some opportunities for a while till I can get the money in a couple months

Don’t give up. like i said, it depends on who will do the loan. I didn’t say the uncollateralized loans didn’t exist, I just hadn’t seen too many of em go through… Just chill for a moment lol. @Elizabeth_Norn would really be able to tell you more about this. She’s a trusted 3rd party.

Aww ok thanks! I will try and contact her.

There have been quite a few “returning players” who made billions in the past and were quite charitable when they left the game that they don’t have any of their billions left.

They promise high returns of 5-20% which makes it tempting for investors but in the end I don’t see the benefit.

Just on selling assets vs seeking loans.

I currently have borrowed 60 billion against various collateral items (mostly blueprints). These goods would cost around 64 billion to replace (and I want to keep them), but it would take a large amount of effort to sell them at that price.

Much easier for me to fund the purchases with a loan.

Incidentally, because 60b wasn’t enough to dry up the market I was investing in, I told the lender what I was buying and why, and they agreed with me. The lender will make more out of their investment in this market than they will make from the interest on the loan.

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You said you had 2 noobs together that were worth 6bil. There’s your collateral. Whatever they have lying around.
If someone will do the 5bil loan, I’ll verify the collateral and hang on to it.

Well I meant like all 3 of my characters together r worth 6bill and about 4.5bill of that is invested into the market or items im selling to the market. Hey the other 1.5bill is implants and ships that I’m using to haul things. It’s the old saying of u have to have money to make money. I actually just did a total worth analysis for the last 2 weeks. And I went from 3.3bil to 7.7bill. So I have a little more than I thought in total worth. But still have most of it in the market. Still trying to get a loan somehow.

Start smaller and offer collateral that way. Go for a 1 bill loan instead and offer 1 bill in collateral.

Ok I can do that for a Billion probably. And what percentage would u do?

If youre going fullly collateralized, id probably offer 1.5% or 2% or something.

Ok I’ll see if I can get a billion in assets for the trade later tonight. Thanks for the help!

If you can get a bil in assets, i’ll do the 1bil loan, if @Elizabeth_Norn would hold.

Yea that sounds great but I do not get off work for 4 more hours. Don’t know if u will still be on or her but maybe tomorrow?

TBH with smaller loans a third party usually is not worth involving.

Third parties protect the borrower against the lender running off with the collateral (basically using the loan as an excuse to buy items at firesale prices).

This sort of scam isn’t usually worth pulling unless it is for hundreds of billions in assets because usually you only make a couple of percent.

Ah, thanks for that.

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