Local Blackout

I know what you are thinking, but it’s not. I was wondering if we could get some sort of Black ship skins for the surviving the “Blackout”

I think that would look really cool.

Was also thinking of an in-game T-shirt that says “I survived the blackout, and all I got was this T-Shirt!”

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Would that make much sense, what with wormholers having had that sort of local since Anoikis was opened to all, some ten years ago?


Oh like the ones Elite Dangerous gives away every Black Friday.

Yeah I want a big black python please.

And a SKIN for my ship.

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In order to get the skin the pilot needs to have had at least 10 PvP encounters, in null, during the blackout.

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Easy, all they have to do is a black fill in MS Paint and then import it to the game. It’ll be on par, quality wise, with many other skins.

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The only problem is CCP is terrible at black on ships. Looks good in preview but in space it mostly looks like ■■■■.

? Sebiestor and Khanid skins are gorgeous no matter what part of space you’re in, and Twilight seems to be the blackest skin available with the added noob saibot smoke and fractal design.


Abyssal Twilight.

Why this skin isn’t available for all hulls is a complete mystery. It’s even available on hulls with multiple black skins, while not available on hulls with any black skins. The apoc has like 3 or 4 black skins it’s ridiculous.

Hell yes

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Alts included?

thats because CCPs space is super bright everywhere you look, theres no dark abyss with a bunch of stars light years away staring back, its just all bright

“I survived the blackout, and all i got was this botting nyx. KILLMAIL:”

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