Local Comms Blackout - Reactions from a novice player

To evaluation if an experiment yields positive results one has to listen to the micro level from a diversity of players’ experiences. I do not own dreads, supers or titans but hopefully my perspective is equally important.

I started playing Eve Online approximately one year and five months ago, and investing in the game slowly. I still consider myself quite novice to the whole Eve experience. With it I am taking my time by skilling up different specialisations on a variety of alts (a fair number of omega accounts but without applying skill injectors). For new players out there, skilling up slowly provides one with a patient but robust game mechanic training.

Given that hi-sec is a very boring place (very repetitive pve), I moved to null-sec as soon as possible. Funnily enough the alliance I form part of provides more content than the developers. Now this event Null Local Blackout is forcing me to regress to a lower sec. Umbrella or not it has become extremely dangerous to earn isk through salvaging, subcap ratting or even mercoxit mining.

For the time being, my reaction to this “lore” event is neutral. I adapt to the changes by selling those ships which I will not be using - I won’t feed my ships (sorry hunters). The liquid isk will be partially invested in more pvp ships to defend my home, after all, I love pvp. At the same time two of my alts are subbed towards mining and industry specialisations and so in the long run if local will remain as it is they won’t be retained. I prefer unsubscribing two accounts then leaving my corp/alliance.

I leave it up to CCP to evaluate the impact of this change in all it’s totally. Thumbs up for the effort; shows that this game is truly continuously well invested upon.


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