Local dead?

Anyone else missing chat?

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It is amazing how nobody responds to local anymore. People started talking about how it was giving away intel and whatever if they chatted with strangers. Even in highsec there are corps that forbid their members from responding in local. Weird.

All it does now is give the hypernet spammers a dedicated window.


Yep - no chat channels working for me. Sort it out CCP

just logged in - no in game channels. Fixed on one account after trying to talk to a seemingly blank corp chat. 2nd account had to relog to fix - on that relog local, corp, and alliance work, but all player channels are gone.

I got DC on 3 account (while my internet connection was fine, I chatted about it on ts). When I logged back one account had (and still has I do not care) chat issues. There is nothing in local alliance nor corp and fleet chat didn’t even appear after joining a fleet.

Missing chat, and had log in issues.

mbe hisec blackout?

edit: seems to be working now.

sure was fun to kick the ■■■■ out of null bears with the blackout v2 feature

There’s one reason for not to use local in the market hubs, add to that the Plex and Skill Injector posts, no wonder no one uses it.

Even in noobe systems, most use the npc corp channel to chat with others.

But yes most corps hate members using local, mainly because of information related issues about the corp and their activities.

Wormholers are used to not using local, and that normal transfers over to when they are in other systems.
Not uncommon to found players using corp and a independent public channel that only friends know about. Most just use local these days as an local intel of whose in system. Any contact is done in private comms, out of local eyes.

Local is not dead.
Bots don’t chat.


Yes they do, you not notice the repeating ads?! :wink:

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