Locations are saved at the moment of clicking (?)

i dont know if its intended that there’s a delay when trying to make a safespot during warp. but sometimes it really becomes annoying when you’ve press the key to save a location on warp and the bookmark appears practically close to landing into the celestial or other location you were going.

for example:

point A is 10 AU in distance to point B, i want to save a spot at or close to the middle of that distance, so i prep the hotkey to save the location but when i check on the map that the ship is actually going on that distance the location is saved at 3 or 2 AU (or less) from the warp out on point B.

if i press the key it should take the first coordinates after clicking, not have a delay. it makes creating saves unnecessarily complicated.

that’s all i have regarding that suggestion. of course, this may also be an issue regarding the solar system map but im pretty sure there’s a delay when making those bookmarks.

They are saved on the next server tick, just like every other interaction in EVE. The way the client-server model is built, there’s no other way for CCP to do it without opening the door for exploits.
So, get better at making bookmarks.


Aside for that one second delay, i have not experienced what you describe.


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