Locator Agents - should they give more data on other Capsuleers?

This. Is. EvE.

There are no vague accusations of abuse. I’m telling you flat out that your idea will be abused to the absolute fullest. We do it to everything else in this game, why would your idea be any different? You need to be aware of this for any idea you ever suggest for any game. The very first question you should ask yourself is, “How will this be abused?” because I can guarantee you with all the certainty in the universe that it will be abused in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.

The failing here is yours for not anticipating this, not mine for pointing it out. Do please get control of your emotions.

Oh, go project on someone else.

If you have no argument, shut up and go away.

The argument is precisely on point, if you’re using other toons that might be revealed and therefore suffer punishment, how is that a bad thing?

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Why should you have that information without being there to witness it? If you don’t see someone jump to a cyno, why should you then be able to know that is their cyno alt?

How does some random nobody on a planet nowhere near there then have that information to drop on the ground for some grunt to just happen to pick up?

You are as well random nobody when using alts. And the OP was very specific about where the CDFs come from

station’s security drones/hacked station terminals and other such tight and crampy spaces dotting New Eden

– not planets.

And nothing prevents this proposed mechanics to tie what Locator Agent can obtain from CDF, to its origin.

So first, you would need to use Locator Agent in a regular way to locate the target’s recent position.
Next you would need to task Vanguards to go to that system/station and obtain CDFs from there. Then go back to the Locator Agent with the CDFs.

Not a free lunch entirely to be easily abused imho. And it’s worth the effort based on what more could be learned about the target.

In November update of EVE Vanguard side new activity will be added of generating contraband for EVE side. Beside contribution to corruption/suppression in Pirate Insurgency systems. Bo specific details yet. CDFs could be part of that contraband in the future.