Locator Agents - should they give more data on other Capsuleers?

Imagine Vanguards, in some distant future, could supply Capsuleers with Confidential Data Fragments (or CDF) - a non-existent (atm) item obtained by Vanguards from station’s security drones/hacked station terminals and other such tight and crampy spaces dotting New Eden. Vanguards could find CDFs by chance, doing their daily tasks or be specifically tasked by Capsuleers to obtain CDFs via contracts.

Would you like Locator Agents to accept CDFs and dig more data beside location on other Capsuleers? Things like below and more. Or less, or not at all - depending on the poll (maybe).

  • last evemail details (to whom, subject, date) - that would require lots of lots of CDFs
  • last transaction details - require lots of CDFs
  • whom he/she checked-up lastly via Locator Spy Agent - require lots of CDFs
  • who was using Locator Spy Agent services to dig info on me lately - lots of lots of CDFs
  • type of ship flown lastly - require some CDFs
  • <insert your kind of intel here>
Would you like to have Locator Agent services expanded in a way described above?
  • Yes, information is power, let’s make more use of Vanguards
  • Maybe, if the details wouldn’t be too embarrassing
  • No, we deserve some privacy for f`sake!
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If you’re bad at hunting supers, you need to get better using the existing methods, not beg CCP for an easy mode.

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Then they wouldnt be locator agents.


Ah yes, name change would also be required for them to adjust for expanded services :stuck_out_tongue:

No. Leave agents alone. God knows what would break


Call them the “I can’t be arsed to hunt my own jump freighters so CCP do it for me” Agents.

Care to elaborate more on your statement? I really can’t see the connection with OP :thinking:
It was about getting more details on fellow Capsuleers, using items recovered by Vanguards

On locating my assets - there is a thingy for that already in case you’ve missed that :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t understand what it takes to hunt supers and track the jump freighter routes that haulers setup out to nullsec, then you’re not informed enough about this game to produce an educated opinion on this topic.

Information is as much a weapon in EvE as lasers and projectiles.

Educate me please

I just did. Learn to read.

Here’s a hint, it’s the last sentence in the prior post.

So you don’t use Locator Agents services in your “hunts”?

I do. They’re a tool to use.

Tell me, what kind of information do you think can be retrieved from a transaction detail if that transaction just happened to be trading fuel to your cyno alt? Name of the alt, from which any locator can get you a location? Time it happened, from which you can start setting their play pattern. Maybe even the system it occurred in, which would mean you wouldn’t even need to use the locator agent again to find the cyno alt. Do it enough times and you’ve got every cyno alt someone owns, their locations, and when they log on to do run.

That’s just one detail of this idea being abused, when you combine that with how all the other details can be abused, this is a terrible idea unless you restrict it down to something very similar to what we already have.

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What here is to abuse? Locator Agents limit how often you can bother them with queries already :thinking: And wouldn’t you like to know who used Locator Agent on you “recently”?

And as I proposed in the OP you would need an additional item “generated” by EVE Vanguard activities to run extended Locator Agent query - additional timegate and an incentive to use Vanguard services at the same time.

I know you scoff at the idea of EVE FPS. Saw your scolding comment in my other post. That’s ok. I liked playing DUST 514 and miss it just like other former DUST players turned Capsuleers.

Now, we keep our fingers crossed for EVE Vanguard making out of it’s playtests. Participating in them to help it grow. There are “great many of us” too, you know :wink:

I’ll be honest, if you don’t know how locator agents are already abused, then you’re not educated in the mechanic enough to make sensible arguments for or against any suggestions. Without going into specifics on how, that timer doesn’t mean anything to someone serious about it.

As for knowing who is searching for me? I learned long ago that if it isn’t blue, it’s a threat. I couldn’t possibly care less if someone wants to waste their ISK on finding me, cause you should always assume you’re being hunted in EvE.

Then why do you care at all how Locator Agents are used by others or could be used in the future?

You seem to see a lot of abuse here for no reason. Perhaps mining is abused too? Or multiboxing. Or ganking. Or zKill. Or local in Jita.

Phew, lot’s of abuse around us indeed :confounded:

Do it the old-fashioned way. Plant a spy in their corp/alliance.

So can’t defend your idea on its own merits, got it.

I criticized it on its lack of merits. Your response showed us you don’t know what you’re talking about. Now you’re resorting to whataboutism.

Time for you to go away now, this thread has ran its course.

Defend from what? Irrelevant post on “hunting supers”?

You’ve posted nothing solid against the extending Location Agent services idea beside vague accusations of it being abused.

The cyno alt uncovering scenario you’ve posted was something that I liked (hence the like from me). The abuse acusation part at the end of that post was unnecessary.

The fact that you don’t care of who uses Locator Agent to find you, doesn’t give you the right to demand the same from me.

I really like this idea, it’s a game, there’s no need to have private info at all really. Being able to see which toons are associated with which would provide some excellent avenues for hurting those who have wronged you.

Inb4 people afraid of playing eve.

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